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Re: [pcgen] [FREQ] LEVELS tag

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  • Andrew Wilson
    Isn t this sort of thing supposed to be discussed on experimental? ... andrew -- Aquarius: (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) The long-awaited People s Revolution will come
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2005
      Isn't this sort of thing supposed to be discussed on experimental?

      On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 09:57:15PM -0400, Eddy Anthony wrote:
      > The LEVEL and HD tags for template lines are little used and problematic.
      > They were not designed to grant choices in feats selected and they have all
      > kinds of issues with checking with prerequisites and using the feat pool
      > points correctly.
      > These tags are currently the only means of adding things to characters at
      > certain levels that is not class based. This is exactly what is needed to
      > get the Dawnforge dataset out of Alpha and completed. Dawnforge characters
      > are granted a choice of abilities at each of the first 10 character levels
      > that is entirely dependant on race and has nothing to do with class.
      > Spycraft also has this problem to much lesser degree.
      > Rather than try and rewrite these tags to be something they were not
      > designed for lets create a new tag specifically geared to do what we need it
      > to. I propose the LEVELS tag
      > _____________________________________________________________________
      > Tag Name: LEVELS:x,x|y
      > Variables Used (x): Number or Formula
      > (Character levels at which the tag is applied)
      > Variables Used (y): ADD:FEAT(v,v)v
      > Variables Used (y): FEATAUTO:v|v
      > Variables Used (y): TEMPLATE:v
      > Variables Used (y): TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:v
      > Variables Used (v): Variable belonging to the specified tag
      > What it does:
      > Allows Global tags to be applied at specific character levels. LEVELS can be
      > used multiple times in races and templates.
      > Where it is used:
      > in race and template lines.
      > Example:
      > LEVELS:1,5,10|ADD:FEAT(TYPE=Sneaky)1
      > The ADD:FEAT tag will be applied at character levels 1, 5 and 10 and allow a
      > choice of TYPE Sneaky feats.
      > LEVELS:2|TEMPLATE:Ultra Sneaky
      > The template Ultra Sneaky is applied at 2nd level
      > LEVELS:5|TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:Celestial|Outsider
      > The race can choose either the "Celestial" or "Outsider" template at level 5
      > _____________________________________________________________________
      > Now a bit of explanation:
      > Why allow a formula for variable x?
      > Well there is one neat trick this would make possible, the formula (HD+1)
      > would allow you to have a LEVELS tag in a template that would grant whatever
      > it grants at the PC's first character class level regardless of how many hit
      > dice or monster levels it has. This would eliminate the need for two tags.
      > The LEVEL and HD tags are essentially the same tag only LEVEL is activated
      > on total levels and HD is activated on monster levels. Allowing a formula
      > would take care of this issue and provide additional capability.
      > Originally the idea was for LEVELS to be able to apply any global tags, I'm
      > not opposed to this but in this request I have narrowed it down to four
      > specific tags. Here's why: these four tags provide a way to add feats and
      > templates, one with a choice and one without. Since most any other global
      > tags you might need can be put in a template or feat these four tags provide
      > all the functionality we need. Limiting it to four tags means there is much
      > less to have to trouble shoot as well, verifying that all four tags are
      > working is much less of a task than checking all the global tags.
      > But I'm not a programmer and if the CM's tell me it's no problem to hook up
      > all the global tags to it hey I'll take it :-)
      > Now what happens if you apply a template with a levels tag in it at a class
      > level after one specified in the tag? Lets use one of the examples above:
      > LEVELS:1,5,10|ADD:FEAT(TYPE=Sneaky)1 and say you got the template at level
      > 4. I think it should only activate on the level you are at, when you level
      > up to 5 you get the ADD:FEAT chooser for that level but you do not get
      > another on for the level 1 that you didn't get because you didn't have the
      > template at the time.
      > Thoughts?
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