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RE: Question for those that use the Oathbound dataset

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  • Paul Grosse
    No thoughts/objections? Paul G.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2005
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      No thoughts/objections?

      Paul G.

      > Okay, now I have a question for those of you that use the
      > Oathbound dataset. I've been using it almost since Rumere
      > came out with it and I'm having to do some updates to it
      > because some of the NPC's use items/abilities that aren't
      > listed anywhere. But I was also looking at the templates.
      > Using the Prestige Race templates was always tricky for me
      > because I never could keep straight what template was for what Focus.
      > So I was going to rename the templates from the name of the
      > sub-template to Focus of X (x), but the only problem with that
      > is if I include it with the regular release (which I would like
      > to do) that will break every existing Oathbound character that
      > has a PrR. I could do it with OUTPUTNAME:, but that will only
      > show up on the OS and doesn't really address my issue of using
      > them in the program. So what is everyone else's opinion? Is it
      > okay if I possibly break their characters inorder to make it
      > clearer for a user? Note: all that will need to be done to fix
      > it is reapply the appropriate template before leveling up.
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