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Re: [pcgen] Newbie Question -- Where are the Basics?

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  • Eddy Anthony
    ... It has but that just tells us where things need a little clarification. ... PCGen only has OGL sources in it, but lucky for us Wizards of the Coast has
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2005
      sternomatic scribed:

      > Hi all, Please excuse the ignorance in this question -- it has probably been
      > asked before.

      It has but that just tells us where things need a little clarification.

      > I have downloaded PCGen, and I just don't get it....
      > There are no sources for the core books or the "Complete
      > [Arcane/Divine/Adventurer/etc]" books. It's all obscure OGL stuff. From
      > reading through the documentation, it seems I would get the core sources by
      > downloading the SRC, but am I supposed to put the SRC somewhere in the PCGen
      > folder? If so, where do I put the SRC??? If not, how do I get the Core books
      > into PCGen?

      PCGen only has OGL sources in it, but lucky for us Wizards of the Coast has
      released most of the material in the core rule books as OGL, which is why
      there is so much other OGL sources out there. The have done this by
      publishing the rules in what they call the Standard Reference Document or
      SRD. When they published the 3.5 edition they revised this document, we
      refer to it as the RSRD. When you load up PCGen you will see one of the
      publisher branched is named SRD (or RSRD if you switch to 3.5e mode), in
      that you will find an SRD Complete set and other Partial sets, the complete
      set contains almost all of the core rules found in the 3 core books plus
      psionics. The stuff that's missing are copyrighted names of some races,
      spells, equipment and weapons which WotC did not release under the OGL. Some
      of these items can still be found in the SRD just with a generic name, like
      the spell "so and so's" grasping hand can be found with a generic name.

      > The Code Monkeys site also seems to hint that there is some kind of
      > relationship between e-tools and PCGen, but there's no specific details about
      > what the programs do, how they interact, system requirements, etc.

      As far as I know the 2 programs do not interact, they are both character
      generators and that's about the only connection.

      Code Monkey Publishing has a license with WotC to produce datasets for both
      programs of Wizards closed content sources, so for a nominal fee you can
      purchase datasets of the complete books (though I don't think all of them
      are available yet) and many other WotC books.

      > Also, when trying to view the help files from within PCGen, I get a message
      > that I need to set my browser under preferences, but darned if I couldn't find
      anywhere in Preference to select a browser....

      Go to Settings/Preferences/Location, the top item is Browser Path, click it
      and select your preferred web browser
      > It looks like this is a cool program, at a glance, but it seems like all the
      > basics are missing.
      > Where are the basics?
      > FYI, I am running Mac OSX, with the correct Java installed. The program starts
      > and runs fine, just don't have the basic Data Sets for D&D 3.5....

      Here's a tip for using PCGen on a Mac, use the File/Exit menu item to quit
      PCGen, if you use Command-Q or the Quit menu item in the PCGen menu the Mac
      version will bypass the exit processes and will not save you preferences and
      other like settings. This is a known bug.

      For 3.5 edition rules go to Settings/Game Mode/Campaign/3.5e

      > Thanks in advance for your helpful answers, and for not laughing too hard at a
      > newbie!
      > js

      No problem, would it have helped you if this information had been included
      in the first Tip window which starts up on the program, I think I'm going to
      add it there.
      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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