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Re: [pcgen] Commande Line PCGen

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  • Frugal
    ... java -Dpcgen.inputfile=Ilse.pcg -Dpcgen.outputfile=Ilse.pdf -Dpcgen.templatefile=csheet_fantasy_std_blackandwhite.xslt -jar pcgen.jar You will need to use
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27, 2005
      KRAIT philippe wrote:

      >Hello, I wante to know whether it had been discussed or even if it would be possible to do an commande line version of PCGen for outputting character sheets.
      >For example with a commande like:
      >PCGenOutput -pdf -c Ilse.pcg -s csheet_fantasy_std_blackandwhite.xslt -o Ilse.pdf

      java -Dpcgen.inputfile=Ilse.pcg -Dpcgen.outputfile=Ilse.pdf
      -Dpcgen.templatefile=csheet_fantasy_std_blackandwhite.xslt -jar pcgen.jar

      You will need to use the path to the pcg, pdf and xslt files rather than
      just the filename but I have not shown that here as your layout might be
      different to mine (and it would complicate the command line).

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