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Re: [pcgen] printed character sheet is different from preview pane

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  • Frugal
    ... d20/fantasy/pdf/csheet_fantasy_std_blue_light.xslt regards Frugal
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2004
      mickeywinfree wrote:

      >This may have been previously addressed. v5.7.12 I created a Ftr7/Rog5 with 2 weapon
      >fighting feat. On the Preview pane, in the weapons column, I see the stats for fighting with
      >the 2nd weapon. I don't see the explanation of 2W-p-(OH) vs. 2W-P-(OL).
      >When I choose a character sheet d20/fantasy/pdf/csheet_fantasy_simple_blue_light.xslt,
      >this information is not printed. Is there an output sheet I can choose that wil include all
      >this info?


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