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Re: [FREQ] Change synergy bonus to be variable based

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  • Darkon
    ... Actually, Earin is a 9th level Paladin / 8th level Enchantress (Female Wizard: Enchanter). Her perception skills have 0 ranks in them so she hardly sees
    Message 1 of 20 , Dec 30, 2004
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      > > > Not really. To even get the synergy bonuses to kick in, you
      > > > have to expend your skill points in the skills. So, to equal
      > > > out the bonus equivalent of one of the Alertness clones, you'd
      > > > need to spend 20 skill points, 5 each in 4 skills that grant
      > > > synergies.
      > Actually, it is pretty powerful, for those that go into the area.
      > I'd like to know the Pre-reqs on it, because I wouldn't want a
      > character getting that till at least level 11-13, and having to
      > spend some serious work getting to it (other feats, etc). It
      > sounds like a weak third tier feat like Whirlwind, but more
      > powerful than a second tier.
      > > Actually, that is one feat that would give my DM kittens. I have
      > > a character that is currently collecting on all possible synergy
      > > bonuses to her Diplomacy skill. Currently, she is enjoying a
      > > total Diplomacy score of 26 with just 8 ranks in the skill. That
      > > feat would just add insult to injury by bringing it up to a 30.
      > > She can just take 10 on all checks with that skill.
      > Ok, that's a bit twinky, but I've seen worse (just look into
      > Dawnforge if you want to see the definition of twinky.) I thought
      > some of the Diplomacy "Synergies" were only in certain situations,
      > so most of the time they won't stack. I would like to know what
      > weaknesses the character has. If he's poured his points into the
      > charisma skills, did he skimp on spot and listen, or spellcaster
      > skills? And it sounds like he's poured a few feats into the
      > skills, so he hasn't spent those on combat feats...

      Actually, Earin is a 9th level Paladin / 8th level Enchantress
      (Female Wizard: Enchanter). Her perception skills have 0 ranks in
      them so she hardly sees anything. You can find her character sheet
      on my website at http://darkon_turas.home.att.net in the "roster"

      > FYI: Most diplomacy (all negotiations) checks are opposed rolls,
      > so you can't take 10...

      Good point. She has 8 ranks in Diplomacy and she collects on the
      following modifiers:
      1) Bluff Synergy: +2 to all Diplomacy checks
      2) Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) Synergy: +2 to all Diplomacy
      3) Sense Motive Synergy: +2 to all Diplomacy checks
      4) Enhanced Charisma Bonus: +7 to all CHA skills
      5) Magic Item Bonus: +5 to all Bluff, Diplomacy, or Gather Info used
      against anyone sexually attracted to her.
      6) Mark of the Master (True Beauty) Feat: Any creature with an INT
      of at least 3 is considered sexually attracted to her.

      She a pretty fun character to play. She's a Paladin that has a
      phobia against being used. The DM introduced the comcept of Destiny
      to her and she flipped out (interpreting Destiny as the ultimate
      form of being used). She decided to thwart destiny by chenging
      carreers anf moving from Greyhawk to the Forgotten Realms. Her
      carreer choice was based on childhood stories of the seductive
      enchentresses (which always impressed her). It's a challenge to
      maintain a balance between Paladin and Enchentress professions.
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