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Re: [pcgen_bod] Re: [pcgen] [DATA] [FREQ] Wild Empathy for Rangers and Druids (RSRD)

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  • Eddy Anthony
    Cross-posted from the BoD list, cause the man has a point. ... -- ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT) ~ PCGen Content Silverback
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2004
      Cross-posted from the BoD list, cause the man has a point.

      On 9/29/04 11:13 AM, "Devon Jones" <soulcatcher@...> wrote:

      > Eddy,
      > I disagree with this on the book issue. Thing is, I think we have free
      > reign with the xSRD - there is no reason for us to not put in everything
      > we can from the SRD, when out competetion *does* (Campaign Suite, DMs
      > Familiar, etc). All we are doing if we refuse to put SRD info in pcgen
      > is giving our a competetion an edge.
      > Now, of course, this is our policy for *books* that we add as sources,
      > but I think we need to look hard at why we continue to do this for the
      > xSRDs I personally think there is absoluly *no* reason for us to do so.
      > Devon

      > Eddy Anthony wrote:
      >> Hi Monch
      >> I took a look at this idea yesterday and it falls outside of the way we
      >> treat SA right now, let me explain. We normally put in just the text of the
      >> name of the SA but there are cases where we put in more. These cases are
      >> where the ability provides a bonus that can be put in a formula but how it
      >> is used is not put in. WildEmpathy does not provide any bonuses just the
      >> ability to do something other PCs cannot. What you suggest here is to
      >> provide the characters total bonuses to the roll they need to make for this
      >> ability and we don't code the Sas that way. There are at least two reasons
      >> for this, the first is that we have a project policy of keeping thing such
      >> that you still need the books and this strays over that line just a little.
      >> Second, unless we put in a long explanitory line about what this is the end
      >> user has no way of knowing what the bonus is, they can't see that we have
      >> added all the bonuses together and since we don't do this anywhere else they
      >> might not understand that is what was done.

      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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