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RE: [pcgen] Conflict with XP SP2?

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  • shane@rubycovenant.com.au
    I have XP SP2 and the preview is working fine. What is in your settings- preferences- PCGen- Location- Browser Path? Shane Molnar (a.k.a. LetohNereg)
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
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      I have XP SP2 and the preview is working fine.

      What is in your settings->preferences->PCGen->Location->Browser Path?

      Shane Molnar
      (a.k.a. LetohNereg)
      PCGen Doc Chimp
      PCGen BoD

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      Subject: [pcgen] Conflict with XP SP2?

      I don't know why, but my PCgen is suddenly giving me an error message
      saying, "Can't connect to internet browser...sorry." It had been
      working just fine, then it suddenly wouldn't output to my character
      sheet. Is this a previous problem with PCgen, or could the new Windows
      XP Service Pack 2 be the culprit? I'm able to browse with IE. I even
      downloaded Netscape Navigator and set it as my default browser for
      PCgen. Still wouldn't load. I removed my PCgen files, reinstalled the
      Java runtime environment, then reinstalled a fresh download of PCgen.
      Still won't export to browser. This is very frustrating, as I was about
      to send these custom .lst files to some friends. But I don't dare until
      I know why I can't export to the .html output sheet.

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