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Re: [pcgen] [TM] Bug calculating hit points for modified default monsters

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  • Devon Jones
    Ok, I fixed it. checked in. Devon
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 31, 2004
      Ok, I fixed it.
      checked in.


      Eddy Anthony wrote:

      >This bug can be demonstrated using GMGen as well as the outputsheets.
      >To do so, set preferences to Default monsters on, create a Hill Giant, open
      >GMGen and go to the initiative tab. The stat block on the right will show
      >the HD to be (12d8)+96, the 96 is double what it should be.
      >Next set your preferences to default monsters off, create a Hill giant, go
      >to the GMGen initiative tab, the second Hill giant will have the correct HD
      >out put: (12d8)+48.
      >This bug has been around a while, I first noticed this in GMGen back before
      >it was coupled with PCGen.
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