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Re: [pcgen] Re: [DOCS] JEP formulas

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  • Eric Beaudoin
    ... My bad, I tought it was possible to modify the JEP grammar as long as it didn t create any ambiguities. Back to
    Message 1 of 35 , Jul 1, 2004
      At 19:47 2004.07.01, Michael Tucker wrote:
      >From: Michael Tucker <mtucker@...>
      >[Frugal wrote:]
      >>> It would be fairly trivial to add if-then-else constructs to JEP. ...
      >>> example:
      >>> if( CL>=4, CL-1, CL)
      >[Eric Beaudoin replied:]
      >> If we need a if-then-else operator, I think we shoul use the very
      >> commun <logical-expression>?<expression-if-true>:<expression-if-false>
      > ...snip...
      >>... is assign the 0 value.
      >> result = parameter <> -1 ? parameter : 0
      >> Éric "Space Monkey" Beaudoin (hiding in the trench)
      >Be very careful: you are proposing a custom syntax which must be
      >somehow handled in a pre-parser, unless I've misunderstood how JEP
      >works. As I've mentioned, that path is a slippery slope.
      >True, the syntax you propose is somewhat common (among specific
      >programming languages). But it will have to be parsed, rather than
      >handled as a JEP function call. Or else JEP must somehow be customized
      >to handle this alien (to it) syntax.
      >This sets the stage for adding more "gee this would be neat" features
      >to a pre-parser. The next thing you know, your pre-parser is bigger
      >than the function it feeds, and you've lost all the benefits of
      >switching to a standards-based expression handler in the first place.
      >It also creates an ongoing code-maintenance hassle every time JEP is
      >Also (before Tir beats me to the punch): the stuff we want to put in
      >LST files is mostly descriptions of objects (equipment, characters,
      >classes, spells, etc.). LST is mostly an object description language.
      >Sometimes it's handy to embed a formula in one of those descriptions.
      >Just be careful not to "blow up" the scope of the LST file handler by
      >wanting it to be a programming language (e.g. logic statements such as
      >if-then-else blocks, for() and while() loops, etc.). Here, there be

      My bad, I tought it was possible to modify the JEP grammar as long as it didn't create any ambiguities.

      Back to if(<logical-expression>,<expression-if-true>,<expression-if-false>) then.

      Éric "Space Monkey" Beaudoin (hiding in the trench)
      >> In space, no one can hear you sleep.
      >> Camels to can climb trees (and sometime eat them).
    • Guillermo Llosa
      ... If I remember correctly (no guarantee) but a--e.com was exactly right.
      Message 35 of 35 , Jul 7, 2004
        Mark Coletti wrote:

        > On Fri, 02 Jul 2004 08:45:25 -0700, Kevin Brown
        > <kevin_brown@...> wrote:
        > > >>http://gmgen.sourceforge.net/wiki/
        > > >>
        > > >>I just hit that website, and the links are full of hard-core porn
        > > >>sites... someone might wanna check into that.
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > Deleted!
        > > > That is so not cool.
        > >
        > > The changes should be able to be rolled back thanks to it being a
        > wiki page, heheh.
        > QuantumGIS had the same problem recently. In fact, I wonder if it was
        > the same asshat. Was the offender posting links hosted by a--e.com,
        > which is Russian?
        > QuantumGIS locked down its WIki. It's a PITA, but was necessary.
        > Apparently this had occured regularly.
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        If I remember correctly (no guarantee) but a--e.com was exactly right.
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