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BoD minutes - 6/30/04

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  • Paul W. King
    In attendance: Bryan (Benevolent Dictator), Chris (OS SB), Devon (GMGen SB, Code 2nd), Doug (Data SB), Eddy (Docs 2nd), Jason (Code SB), Paul K. (TM SB, OGL
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      In attendance: Bryan (Benevolent Dictator), Chris (OS SB), Devon
      (GMGen SB, Code 2nd), Doug (Data SB), Eddy (Docs 2nd),

      Jason (Code SB), Paul K. (TM SB, OGL Chimp), Reed (QA co-chair), Roy
      (QA co-chair), Shane (Docs SB), Tir (Data 2nd)

      1) Paul King has accepted the position of TM SB. To this end, he is
      now an OGL Chimp and Paul Grosse is now the OGL SB
      2) Devon is now the Code 2nd
      3) Every team will be doing an inventory of active participants to
      determine where each team stands. Below are the known

      names that the SBs could think of off of the tops of their heads.
      Missing names are not meant as slights.
      3a) GMGen: Devon and Ross
      3b) OGL: Paul G and Paul K
      3c) PCGen: Jason, Jayme, Devon and Ross
      3d) TM: Paul K, Papa, NotYetMouse
      3e) Docs: Shane, Eddy and Siggy
      3f) OS: Chris, Chuck Pint and Frugal
      4) The TM SB has been charged with keeping tabs of what people are
      participating in what projects
      5) Because we don't want XML to hold up the release of 5.8, it has
      become low on the priority list.
      6) Devon proposed the following, stream-lined, list of 5.8 goals
      6a) Code
      6a1) Get plugins working in PCGen so we can start splitting up the
      code base into easier to swallow chunks
      6a2) Support code to get RSRD (including epic and psionics) and MSRD
      6a3) Fix bugs / broken features / unfinished but started mini-
      projects (bonuses, OS tokens, etc)
      6b) Data
      6b1) Fix RSRD bugs
      6b2) MSRD
      6b3) Urban Arcana
      6b4) Epic
      6b5) Psionics
      6c) OS
      6c1) character sheets for MSRD, Epic, Psionics and Spycraft
      7) Tir mentioned that he thinks Doug's critical data items (Doug
      hadn't made the meeting yet) were:
      7a) PRExxx on VFEAT
      7b) FEAT tag on deities.lst
      7c) Occupation tag thingy
      8) Natural attacks may have to wait until 6.0 because of what needs
      to be done to get them to work
      9) Bryan would like to get into a cycle of a production release
      every 2 months
      10) GUI revamp will also not probably make it until 6.0
      11) Tir and Doug are going to come up with a final Data list, with
      time estimates, of what code bugs/freqs will be needed.
      12) Devon and Jason are to do the same on the code side
      13) Scope and time estimates for 5.8 should be ready by the next
      14) QA monkeys want plug-ins to automate testing
      15) Paul K is to develop an 'Intro to team ABC' for the teams
      16) JEP discussion that I didn't really follow, so can't summarize :(
      17) By-law discussion is pushed out until next week because of time.

      Silliness and other OT
      1) New rules to be followed
      1a) Rule #1: Bryan is god
      1b) Rule #2: Bryan is never wrong
      1c) Rule #3: If Bryan is wrong, see Rule #2
      2) Paul K and his wife put a bid on a house


      Paul W. King
      TM SB, OGL/PL Chimp, Data Tamarin, BoD
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