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Re: Mixing 3e and 35e data sets

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  • David Lim
    ... use it ... using)? I ... any ... stuff ... tag to ... should ... designed for ... were ... comment out the ... # symbol ... side ... longer exist ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 25, 2004
      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, mtucker@a... wrote:
      > [David Lim:]
      > >> Is this possible? Can I actually create a custom pcc file and
      use it
      > >> to mix some 3e data sets with the 35e data set (which i'm
      using)? I
      > >> would like to use some of them but was wondering if there'll be
      > >> side effects. Or do I actually need to manually copy over the
      > >> I want?
      > >
      > [Eddy Anthony:]
      > > Yes. You can duplicate the .pcc file and change the GAMEMODE:3e
      tag to
      > > read
      > > GAMEMODE:35e. The source will then show up in that gamemode. You
      > > expect to encounter some side effects as those files were not
      designed for
      > > that gamemode. The most obvious difference is the way weapons
      > > reworked,
      > > unless you want to go into the LST and update them I would
      comment out the
      > > weapons files. To comment out lines in .pcc and LST files add a
      # symbol
      > > at
      > > the beginning of the line, PCGen won't read it that way. Other
      > > effects
      > > you might see are references to skills, spells etc.. That no
      longer exist
      > > and stuff like that. You may have to delete some PRExxx tags to
      > > for
      > > some things.
      > > --
      > > ~ Eddy
      > > ~ Doc Chimp, Data Tamarin
      > > ~ PCGen BoD Documentation Second
      > >
      > I completely agree with Eddy's advice, but I would add this: you
      > just edit the main .pcc file for each of your 3e sources so that
      it is
      > loadable in *either* game mode. That is, change the tag to read:
      > GAMEMODE:3e|35e
      > I've had some success with this, for example with some of
      my "house rule"
      > datasets that work equally well in either game mode.
      > However, if you're using any large, 3rd party datasets you're
      > going to end up editing the files rather heavily (piece-meal, but
      lots of
      > it) to get them to behave correctly in the 35e game mode. Those
      > would, of course, render the datasets unsuitable for the 3e game
      mode. So
      > you're probably best off doing it the way Eddy suggested: just
      copy the
      > datasets, and edit the copy so it will work with 35e.
      > Michael

      Thanks guys! Will try it out.

      One more thing: Ranger favored enemies is broken in 5.7.2 right?
      Given that it appears to be a dataset problem (from the trackers),
      any quick fix for that? Or can i actually get a fix from the CVS?
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