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Re: Instillation/running problems =(

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  • SD_Nikodemus
    re reading your post i noticed one thing included in the second .zip file from the distribution I only have one zip file when i downloaded .. *looks lost and
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 20, 2004
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      re reading your post i noticed one thing "included in the
      second .zip file from the distribution" I only have one zip file
      when i downloaded .. *looks lost and upset* guess ill try
      redownloading again in the morning ..

      Thanks again for what help you all have given so far.. one day ill
      get it to work..

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Eric Beaudoin <beaudoer@v...> wrote:
      > Hello SD_Nilodemus
      > At 22:21 2004.06.20, SD_Nikodemus wrote:
      > >From: SD_Nikodemus <sd_nikodemus@y...>
      > >
      > >Hiyas all,
      > >
      > >I have installed pcgen 5.7.2, Its all in the same directory with
      > >its correct subfolders etc. my first problem is .. I can only get
      > >to run if i point to it in my browser (internet Explorer), if i
      > >to use the .jar or .bat the spash screen will flash for a second,
      > >ask where i would like to store my files then i click ok and it
      > >shut down the msdos window after a few seconds.
      > >
      > There is normally and error message when PCGEN does this. Try
      this: open a Commend Prompt windows, cd to the directory where you
      copied the pcgen.jar file and run the pcgen.bat file from there.
      > The error messages should be readable since the console will not
      close after the error.
      > >Secondly when i get it to start in IE and goto create a new Char
      > >I get the msg of "Please use the "Source Materials" tab to load
      > >sources before creating a character" I have looked for this tab
      > >and nothing there, Figured it may be in preferences or game
      > >mode/campaign (under the settings tab) there are no drop down
      > >selections for game Mode/Campaign and if i click preferences it
      > >will look like its attempting to load .. but nothing will happen
      > >have let it set for 5 minutes or so seeing if it just takes
      > >to load.
      > >
      > Wow, I didn't even know we could run PCGEN from IE. Time flies :-).
      > If you have no sources in the source tab, that means that you are
      not pointing at the right place for you data. The data are normally
      included in the second .zip file from the distribution. Go into the
      Settings->Preferences... menu, Select "Location" on the right side
      and make sure the "PCGEN Data Directory" points to the directory
      where you unzipped the data files. You will have to close PCGEN and
      restart it for this change to really come into effect.
      > If the sources are still not there when you restart PCGEN, that
      means that PCGEN cannot write the .ini files. Two of them are
      needed. The first one, filepaths.ini, is always in the same
      directory as pcgen.jar. That directory must be writable by PCGEN.
      The second file is options.ini and you choose where to put it
      (Settings->Preferences...->Location->The last choice at the bottom.
      > I hope this helps.
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