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Re: [pcgen] Re: Being "1337" (was PCGen 5.6.1...)

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  • mtucker@airmail.net
    [NotMousse:] ... I take your word that you didn t indend it to, but it came across as a juvenile mine is bigger than yours taunt. I let the one in your first
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 11, 2004
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      > mtucker sez...
      > 'To borrow a quote from "The Princess Bride":'
      > Good movie, good dialog, good choice in quotes.
      > 'That kind of thinking is less about being "1337" and more
      > about being "13".'
      > ::chuckles:: Just a bit of good natured ribbing. Sorry
      > you took it as some sort of personal or professional attack.

      I take your word that you didn't indend it to, but it came across as a
      juvenile "mine is bigger than yours" taunt. I let the one in your first
      message go, but the second one was a bridge too far (for me).

      Email is good for exchanging information and for direct, unambigious
      communication (as long as everyone assigns the same meaning to the words
      being exchanged). But it's a tricky venue for clever or subtle humor,
      expecially sarcasm.

      > If I actually cared about being 1337 (trust me, I only use such terms in
      > jest), my computer would be several Ghz faster, I'd have at least half a
      > gig of
      > RAM, and I'd most likely have sound and video cards that actually work.
      > But if you're offended any more than I intended I apologize.
      > NotMousse
      > TM, QA Tamarin, Made Emily Smirle laugh

      Fair enough. I apologize in turn for taking your words more seriously than
      they were meant.

      But you know how sensitive we Mac users can be. ;-)

      I'm just glad that we have this forum for collaboration and cooperation in
      solving such obscure problems as this one seems to have turned out to be.
      And that we have such intelligent (albeit sometimes temperamental *smile*)
      folks who are willing to donate their time and energies to the effort.

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