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Re: [pcgen] OS questions

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  • Frugal
    ... The difference between simple and std is that the std sheets have a complete weapon block for each weapon and the simple
    Message 1 of 15 , May 13, 2004
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      <quote who="magus1972">
      > I just downloaded the latest autobuild of PCGen, and the Output
      > Sheets have changed considerably from early 5.6 versions.
      > I can't see a difference between the 'simple' and 'std' sheets, are
      > they supposed to be identical?

      The difference between 'simple' and 'std' is that the 'std' sheets have a
      complete weapon block for each weapon and the 'simple' ones just have
      1-handed primary hand for those people who never use 2-handed or
      multi-weapon fighting.

      I really need to sort out the weapon block so that it intelligently
      chooses which sort of block to show.

      > I have a 3e 1st level human cleric character that I just created
      > with the new version, and on the OS, I see Turn Blocks for each
      > element as well as the Turn Block for Undead. What was the
      > reasoning behind adding these in? Did I miss some part of the
      > rules, or is it just in anticipation of features needed for 3rd
      > party D20 products?

      You should only see the turning blocks for the elements if you have taken
      the appropriate domain (Earth, Air, Fire, Water etc). I will look into why
      these are always appearing.

      -OS Chimp
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