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Re: Autobuilds (rpg.plambert.net) are down.

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  • notyetmousse24@aol.com
    plambert sez... The box isn t just used for rpg.plambert.net and PCGen s autobuilds. Even if it were a K isn t that unreasonable to spend on a good computer
    Message 1 of 10 , May 11, 2004
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      plambert sez...

      'The box isn't just used for rpg.plambert.net and PCGen's autobuilds.'

      Even if it were a K isn't that unreasonable to spend on a good computer (let
      alone anything used as a server).

      'I could've bought one hell of a nice dinner for all my friends, too.'

      I am so up for that!

      'But instead I bought what I needed to ensure this won't happen again, at
      least not in this way.'

      Okay, I suppose ensuring the existence of PCGen is worth me sacrificing a
      single dinner.

      'I assume you're young? Late teens, early 20's?'

      Please don't take him as an example of all us early 20's guys (while
      technically I'm mid 20's I was early 20's last year). Some of us know that doing a
      job well does not need to mean breaking into fort knox for a loan, but instead
      means getting the proper tools for the job.

      'I could have fixed the problem for $120.'

      There goes another dinner...

      'I replaced the four 120GB drives with four 160GB drives, and a hardware
      RAID5 controller, giving me about the same effective space with a layer of

      I don't suppose you'd be liquidating these 120gbs to loyal participants in
      the PCGen project. Would you?

      And again, thank you (and thank the Mrs. for us) for hosting our files, and
      making life much easier for all of us!

      TM Tamarin, QA Lemur

      I mean, if I can't even get a discount out of someone else's misfortune,
      what's the point?
      -MisterTambo, founding member of the League of Unemployed Gentlemen

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