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Re: [DATA] 5.6 data bugs

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  • dlm1065
    ... no ... errors ... posted ... the ... do. ... through ... Go ahead and post the list as List of 5.6 Bugs NYD on pcgendm I ll break out individual bugs if
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      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "taluroniscandar" <mhgj@e...> wrote:
      > --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "Paul W. King"
      <paulking.rhochi@v...> wrote:
      > > > Several data bugs that were posted for RC3 are still in the 5.6
      > > > release files. Should these data bugs be posted at SF now? I am
      > > > aware that the data team is still working on things but I have
      > > > idea what.
      > >
      > > Do you know if trackers were created for the still existing
      > > from RC3? If not, what were the bugs?
      > No trackers were created by me but Bryan noted them all. They were
      > posted here during the RC cycle. I don't know if they've been
      > at SF as NYD. Guess I should check....quick check, nope didn't see
      > copy I noticed.
      > I can list the bugs here or post at SF, just need to know which to
      > I haven't gone through with a fine-tooth comb yet just glanced
      > and noticed some over-sights/not-yet-dealt-withs.

      Go ahead and post the list as "List of 5.6 Bugs NYD" on pcgendm I'll
      break out individual bugs if we need them otherwise a list will be
      easier to address if they are mainly minor issues
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