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Re: [Custom][Bug?]Grey Elf/Custom Race

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  • Jeremy Turnley
    ... The Grey Elf will be in Friday s release fully funcional. -Illy
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2004
      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "slippy_theclown"
      <slippy_the_clown@c...> wrote:
      > Maybe this is why the Grey Elf is not in the RSRD
      > currently and maybe this has already been addressed.
      > I tried to make a custom data set (I'm not an expert
      > but I all my stuff works). In it, I tried to add
      > the Grey Elf listed in the v35 Monster Manual.
      > I copied the Elf and changed the attribute bonuses to
      > reflect that of a Grey Elf after which PCGen begins
      > behaving strangely.
      > When I select the 'Elf (Grey)' from the races list,
      > the attribute adjustments dont appear until I highlight
      > an attribute. Then when the adjustments to appear
      > something really strange happens. The adjustments are
      > listed along with an 'Other Adj' which is always the
      > oposite of the stat adjustment effectivly canceling
      > the stat adjustment. In other words, Str receives a
      > -2 race adjustment (correct) and a +2 Other Adjustment
      > (no idea where this comes from).
      > In addition to this, I can no longer add a class to the
      > character.
      > Any help would be great!
      > PS- I've tried adding the race through data file and
      > by copying a standard Elf in the lst editor. Same problem
      > either way.
      > Thanks in advance and keep up the good work,
      > Slippy

      The Grey Elf will be in Friday's release fully funcional.

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