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Re: [pcgen] Want to get re-started

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  • Steve Gilroy
    On a quick scan I did not see a reply to your message so here it goes. Yes CMP (http://www.codemonkeypublishing.com) does offer all of the WotC sources for a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2004
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      On a quick scan I did not see a reply to your message so here it goes.

      Yes CMP (http://www.codemonkeypublishing.com) does offer all of the WotC
      sources for a price. Yes, their site does exist, but it appears that
      they have been having a lot of server problems over the past week.

      The only problem is that the 3.5 sources from CMP are not yet complete.
      However, there is free support built into PCGen via the RSRD (Revised
      System Reference Document). The RSRD is basically all of the "open"
      non-intellectual property information from the SRD. This means that
      there are some monster races that are not available, some spell names
      may have been abbreviated or changed, and Dieties do not exist.

      I hope this helps.

      rjoyner66 wrote:

      >I was an active member of this list up until release 3.0.0, after
      >the agreement with WotC. After that I continued to use the last
      >version I had, since it had all the data I needed at the time. I
      >have kept somewhat abreast of happenings in the meantime. I am aware
      >that there is a commercial offshoot (Code Monkey Publishing, whose
      >web site does not seem to exist), to whom I spoke at GenCon. I also
      >understand that 3.5 is now supported, although I am not clear to
      >what extent.
      >I recently suffered a total hard drive failure, and lost
      >everything. Therefore, I am now in search of the latest software
      >that will fill in for my now-departed PCGen 2.7.2. Whether it is
      >free or requires me to pay money is not important: I am more than
      >happy to pay for quality software. I recognize that there are formal
      >barriers between Sourceforge and Code Monkey Publishing. I'm not
      >interested in getting bogged down in legal technicalities. Consider
      >this an inquiry from a consumer who is in search of a product, as
      >hassle-free as possible. To that end it probably would be better to
      >contact me off-list at rjoyner6(at)comcast(dot)net.
      > What I'm looking for is this: An easy-to-install, easy-to-use
      >character generator which fully supports D&D 3.5, plus supports as
      >many of the following sources as possible: the six splat books; the
      >Psionics Handbook; the Epic Level Handbook; Dragon magazines between
      >issues 280 and 300; The Complete Warrior; Path of Faith from Fantasy
      >Flight; Relics and Rituals from Swords & Sorcery; other sources I'm
      >not remembering right now.
      >Can someone point tell me what I need to do? I realize it is highly
      >unlikely I can get everything I want, but hopefully a good chunk is
      >possible. Ideally I'd like to hear from someone at Code Monkey about
      >making a purchase. (If their web site was up I'd not even have
      >posted this.)
      >Again, please contact me off-list at rjoyner6(at)comcast(dot)net.
      >Thanks in advance.
      >Rex Joyner
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      Steven Gilroy
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