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[DOCS] New entry - .COPY & .CLEAR

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  • Eddy Anthony
    This should wrap things up for these two entries Submitted for review: _________________________________________________________________________ Tag Name:
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 30, 2003
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      This should wrap things up for these two entries
      Submitted for review:
      Tag Name: <name>.COPY=<new name>

      Variables Used: Text, First field of the item to be copied

      What it does:
      This defines what object is going to be copied.
      This creates a new object with the same properties of the original object.
      Tags following the .COPY line modify the new object in the same way the .MOD
      tag modifies objects.
      Please note that the name must match EXACTLY (case sensitive, and the
      classes need the beginning CLASS: tag).
      Warning! While it can be done copying a Class is not recommended, the reason
      being that while the class lines are copied into a new class there remain
      tags in those lines which refer to the original class by name. The effect
      of this is that your new class will not inherit any class abilities that
      reference the old class name, some of these include: Spellcasting, Favored
      enemies and other special abilities.
      Any tags that are listed are added to the list of tags already in the
      If only one tag is allowed (such as HD for classes, or COST in equipment)
      the new tag will replace the tag in the original entry. If more than one tag
      is allowed (most notably BONUS statements), then the new tag will be added
      to the other tags in the object.


      Creates a new race called Aboriginee based on the Human race
      (in a race.lst file)

      Dagger.COPY=Hunting Knife
      Creates a new weapon called Hunting Knife based on the Dagger weapon
      (in equipment.lst file)

      Creates a new class called the Woodsman based on the Ranger class
      (in class.lst, see warning above)

      Skill Focus.COPY=Heighten Knowledge
      Creates a new feat called Heighten Knowledge based on the Skill Focus feat
      (in feat.lst)
      Tag Name: <tag>.CLEAR.<variable>

      Variables Used: Text, Last field is the item to be cleared

      What it does:
      This is used in conjunction with the .MOD and .COPY tags.
      This tag is also useful in CLASS lines.
      Tags that can have multiple items (such as TYPE) and tags that can be used
      multiple times can be eliminated.


      Dagger.COPY=Hunting Knife <tab> TYPE:Exotic <tab> TYPE:.CLEAR.Simple
      Creates a new weapon called Hunting Knife, adds the exotic type and then
      clears the simple type from the new weapon. (in equipment.lst file)

      CLASS:Ranger.MOD <tab> CSKILL:.CLEAR.Animal Empathy
      Modifies the Ranger class by eliminating the Animal Empathy skill from its
      class skill list (in class.lst)

      1 <tab> SA:Big Papa
      2 <tab> SA:Big Mama
      3 <tab> SA:.CLEAR.Big Papa <tab> SA:Very Big Papa

      At level 3 .CLEAR is used to delete the SA 'Big Papa' because
      it becomes redundant or unnecessary when the class gets the SA 'Very Big
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