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  • karianna03
    Hi all, Some of the further issues have been resolved or discussed further, updates in ** ** K TM SB ... **The debate continues to rage** ... ** No more
    Message 1 of 112 , Oct 30, 2003
      Hi all,

      Some of the further issues have been resolved or discussed further,
      updates in ** **

      TM SB

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "karianna03" <MartijnV@d...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Here is the results of the 1st round of voting from the issues
      > discussed over the last two weeks. Please note that several more
      > documents need to be released and some discussions finished.
      > This post is very long, please read in its entirety before you
      > post. It is _preferred_ that you post replies to Karianna directly
      > as many long posts will simply clutter up this board, that however
      > is a suggestion, not an ultimatum 8-).
      > The full minutes (minus some swearing etc) will be posted in the
      > files section under BoD Minutes.
      > >>1.) MORE DATESETS IN, BETA OR NO BETA, sorry for the caps but this
      > >>has been screamed out on the boards and privately too me as well.
      > OK, the board totally agrees that this process needs to be
      > improved. Tir and the data team have started on a process to do
      > this, _but_ the BoD has not agreed on the exact format on this.
      > This discussion is still raging on our board.
      > The Board would like to thank several new volnuteers for jumping on
      > board and helping out on QA to clear the backlog.

      **The debate continues to rage**

      > >>2.) A less CMP affiliated board.
      > The board feels that this is not necessary for several reasons:
      > a.) Several misconceptions about the CMP representatives and their
      > business practices were cleared up in the last few weeks of posting
      > on this board.
      > b.) The BoD is not as CMP skewed as some would think.
      > The board is as follows
      > Benevolent Dictator - Merton - CMP Owner
      > Special Projects - Mynex - CMP Owner
      > Code SB - Lone Jedi - CMP Owner
      > OS SB - Barak - CMP Contractor
      > Publisher Liason SB - Beaver - CMP Contractor
      > Data SB - Tir Gwaith - Not CMP Affiliated
      > OGL SB - Paul King - Not CMP Affiliated
      > Docs SB - Shane Molnar - Not CMP Affiliated
      > GMGen Regent - Devon Jones - Not CMP Affiliated
      > TM SB - Karianna - Not CMP Affiliated
      > (Karianna has quit as moderator for the CMP boards to remove
      > any 'affiliation').
      > c.) A 'second' (see below) will be added for most SBs (excluding
      > Merton although Karianna was jokingly suggested as dictator-of-the-
      > day and Mynex) to the board mailing list, the names are still being
      > all put forward by the respective SBs, but the 1st five put
      > forward so far are not CMP affiliated (Zachlists (data), Paul
      > Grosse (OGL) and Hetter (TM), Frugal (OS), eddyanthony (Docs)).
      > This now effectively makes the board 10 non and 5 CMP.

      ** No more seconds have been put forward that are outside of the
      board, but Paul King is Beaver's second (Publisher Liason) and Barak
      is Mynex's second (Special Projects).**

      > A seperate document that will be released with our bylaws, will
      > list each SB, their 2nd and any affiliations with CMP.
      > >>3.) User reps on the BoD.
      > This one is still under discussion 8-). The BoD isn't against it
      > per say, but with SB's already being users as well as their new
      > seconds, it may not be necessary, we'd like to hear your thoughts
      > on this.
      > We've had no response on this, so we assume the assignement of
      > several users as our seconds was more than enough 8-)

      > >>4.) Rotation of BoD members.
      > Each SB will have a second that will step in if a SB is away etc
      > for any reason. It is still up to the board to remove/assign
      > people to the board.
      > The main reason that we cannot rotate people 'willy nilly' is that
      > there simply aren't that many experts in each field to take over.
      > >>5.) Read access to the BoD list.
      > A unanimous no. We believe that the BoD and its seconds need a
      > private place to discuss PCGEN issues _especially_ around legal
      > matters etc. We hope that more regular reports coming out of the
      > BoD and other restricted groups (LMC) will make the BoD process
      > more transparent.
      > >>6.) A way of protecting PCGEN LMC created datasets (our section 15
      > >>statement should cover this).
      > A unanimous vote to say Yes! to include a section 15 in all pcgen
      > created datasets. This should more than adequetely protect data
      > sets made by LMC and other monkeys. Please contact Paul King the
      > OGL SB for the legal details.
      > >>7.) Our bylaws published (lets get this out people!!!).
      > Some final wording work is being done, expect it out within the
      > next week!

      **Some more wording wrangling to be done**

      > >>8.) consider moving all LMC conversations back to the main group
      > >>(see my recent post there for reasoning)
      > A unanimous no. LMC needs a private place where they can store and
      > discuss datasets. Again this is due to legal implications as well
      > as not cluttering up the main list! As LMC will be reporting on
      > data sets weekly, that should make their work adequetely
      > transparent.
      > >>9.) regular (weekly) report to main group on source work
      > Yes yes yes, the BoD totally agrees, a weekly report is what the
      > Data team will deliver. What format that is in is still to be
      > decided/finished.

      **Format still being discussed**

      > >>10.) adding more data SB to help manage the sources, find some way
      > >>to categorize them so each SB manages a certain area. one data SB
      > >>also sits on the Board
      > Done. Tir has recruited several more monkeys and has gained a
      > second (Zachlists) to sit on the board.
      > >>11.) determine policy for how and how often to query a publisher
      > >>when data has been sent to them for final approval.
      > Beaver and Tir are sorting out a policy (althoguh it is likely to
      > be different times for different publishers).

      **Again, still being discussed**

      > >>12.) move BoD chats to a place where only those who are on it can
      > >>post, and anyone can be there and see the conversation live. This
      > >>will allow community participants - maybe let users submit
      > >>questions for the Board to answer.
      > No for technical reasons, several BoD members are behind firewalls
      > that do not allow for alternative technologies.
      > The BoD is _always_ happy to receive questions and suggestions from
      > the community, simply post here or mail anyone of us.
      > >>13.) Publisher's questions, and how to respond to others given in
      > >>a similar vein.
      > This is all to do with people wanting inter-operability with
      > PCGEN.
      > The BoD view is to treat each case on a case by case basis, some
      > people we have politely told to go away, others we're happy to work
      > with (like openRPG).
      > In short the BoD's attitude will be that anyone who is open source
      > and isn't trying to free load off the hard work that pcgen monkeys
      > have done will be almost always welcomed with open arms 8-).
      > Karianna
      > TM SB
      > Moderator
      > On behalf of the BoD
    • Kurt Wimmer
      And while we re on the subject, could someone post the condensed minutes again, akin to what Kar used to post ? Having the entire logs is nice, but often I
      Message 112 of 112 , Nov 22, 2003
        And while we're on the subject, could someone post the "condensed"
        minutes again, akin to what Kar used to post ?

        Having the entire logs is nice, but often I just want a quick idea what
        happened, if I want to know more, i'll know where to go and find it.


        merton_monk wrote:

        > --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Wilson <pcgen@r...> wrote:
        > > On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 05:53:55AM -0000, karianna03 wrote:
        > > > There have been some statements and rumours going around on
        > various
        > > > groups associated with PCGEN about the change in the Data SB
        > > > position. I would ask that you please read the minutes recently
        > > > posted for the true source of recent events, they are unedited
        > > > minutes.
        > >
        > > Hi
        > >
        > > Firstly, let me say thanks to the person who takes the time to put
        > > these together.
        > >
        > > However, I found the plain text versions of the previous minutes
        > much
        > > easier to read. Can I make a plea for the person putting them
        > together
        > > to use css instead of hard-coding the various font's/colours. That
        > way at
        > > least I can turn them off. Yellow on white is almost illegible.
        > and the
        > > weirdo different sized fonts/font faces are really distracting.
        > >
        > > While I'm bitching about style, a table would be nice with the
        > name,
        > > time and comment in different cells. It'll mean the text lines up
        > > better and wraps nicely.
        > >
        > > Thanks.
        > A very fine suggestion. In the actual chat things aren't different
        > sizes and no one had a yellow font. I generally save logs of all
        > chats and always do so in plain text just because that's easier to
        > deal with. :) I'll see if I can get someone with the full chat-log
        > to post a conversion of it for your convenience and for everyone
        > else since, obviously, this log will be of interest to a number of
        > folks.
        > -Bryan
        > >
        > > Andrew (WTF is wrong with plain text?) Wilson
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        > constantly
        > > sneaking up on you, you remain remarkably resistant to dissuasion.
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