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PCGen 5.3.7 is available

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  • merton_monk
    PCGen is a Java-based RPG character generator and maintenance program that works on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc). All datafiles are ASCII so
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2003
      PCGen is a Java-based RPG character generator and
      maintenance program that works on all platforms (Windows,
      Mac OS X, Linux, etc). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be
      modified by users, and are available through the pcgendm
      project. An XML conversion is underway.

      Mac OS X users - if you quit PCGen using close or quit,
      your preferences will not be saved. The preference files
      are only saved if you use the File->Exit menu item to exit
      PCGen. This is a java issue (our thanks to Conor for finding
      the reason for this long-standing issue!)

      The pdf library that we use to generate the way cool pdf
      character sheets changed in version 5.3.3. If you've updated
      beyond version 5.3.3 and want to use the pdf character sheets
      and you haven't downloaded the new pdf library yet, it can be
      found at:


      unzip the above library into your pcgen's lib folder.

      Data for the core 3.5e books is being actively developed
      on our yahoo site. It should soon be ready for inclusion
      in a beta release. After that release we will move PCGen
      to be based upon java 1.4, which means that releases after
      that will require users to download java 1.4. We've been
      encouraging users to install java 1.4 since it runs faster
      than java 1.3. Those on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X (10 - 10.1) will
      need to upgrade to Mac OS X (10.2 or higher) in order for
      their machine to handle java 1.4.

      For users who have trouble getting the 3 zip files
      to unzip properly, we have some OS-specific installs that
      should help minimize the chance of install related errors.
      Links to these installs can be found at:
      These are the same PCGen everyone else uses, just packaged
      with installers which target Windows and Mac OS X users
      specifically. Typically there is a lag between when the
      official release is done and when these special installers
      are ready.

      We always recommend that users install new versions of
      PCGen in a 'new' directory.

      Below is a list of everything that has been
      addressed in this release. If you reported one
      of these, please verify that it is was addressed
      properly. PCGen is available at
      http://pcgen.sourceforge.net , and the main
      discussion group is at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen . If you wish to discuss
      making your own custom lst files for use with PCGen, the data
      monkeys have made their home at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgenlistfilehelp and they
      pride themselves in being able to field all questions about the
      data - from very basic to very advanced. All three zips are
      required to run PCGen:
      pcgen537_part1of3.zip, pcgen537_part2of3.zip and

      797595 Other Global Tag Doc Bug
      774210 Speak Language skill problem
      797943 SPELLLEVEL:DOMAIN not working properly
      774212 Weird custom knowledge behavior
      796452 Blackguard EXCHANGELEVEL tag not working
      796471 PRETEMPLATE not working

      787792 CSKILL:.CLEAR CSKILL:.CLEAR.>name< SA:.CLEAR.TYPE.>type<
      797628 Defining companionmods.lst with VARs
      709577 Domain spell lists should be part of domain def'n
      467680 Allow SA:description|PRExxx

      PCGenDM: Bugs
      796822 Turn Undead feat shows double # allowed turns

      PCGenDocs: Documentation Requests
      722842 LST Tags in docs vs LST Tags in code

      PCGenDocs: Outputsheet Bugs
      796920 Old syntax %WEAPONx will be replaced for %WEAPON.x
      798854 base.xml error with Off-hand attack
      799407 csheet_dnd_std.xslt does not show LayOnHands

      PCGenDocs: Outputsheet Feature Requests
      785657 STAT.x.NOTEMP and STAT.x.NOTEMPMOD

      The PCGen Development Team
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