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RE: [pcgen] [Bug] d20 Modern Smart Hero

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  • Barak
    It s not a matter of interpretation, it s a matter of code function. :( Barak
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27, 2003
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      It's not a matter of interpretation, it's a matter of code function. :(


      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: therealcarpedavid [mailto:garrettdm@...]
      > When attempting to create a d20 Modern smart hero, PCGen does not
      > allow you to take the Linguist talent at first level. While it is
      > true that this talent has a prerequisite of 1 rank in Read/Write
      > Lanaguage or Speak Language for each of three languages, it is also
      > true that, at 1st level, one can spend skill points before choosing
      > talents. Therefore, one *should* be able to take the Linguist talent
      > at first level.
      > This was clarified in a Bullet Points column on the d20 Modern page:
      > http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20modern/bp/20030715a
      > Quote:
      > "I want my 1st-level Charismatic hero to multiclass into Smart hero
      > as soon as he gains his next level. When he does, I want him to take
      > the linguist talent, but he doesn't currently meet the prerequisites.
      > (Specifically, he doesn't have 3 ranks of Speak Language or
      > Read/Write Language.) The Character Creation Summary (page 12) and
      > the Level Advancement section (page 39) both say that a character has
      > to pick a talent before spending skill points. Can't I buy the skills
      > upon adding the Smart hero level so that I can qualify for the
      > talent? If not, how could a 1st-level Smart hero ever take the
      > linguist talent, as it says he can under Talents on page 26?
      > First I'll answer the question relating to your specific situation,
      > and then I'll address the broader topic.
      > When you add a new level, you must follow the steps under Level
      > Advancement (page 39) in order. Picking class features (like talents)
      > is Step 4. Spending skill points is Step 9. Because you must pick
      > class features before spending skill points, the skill points you
      > spend can't contribute to the prerequisites for a talent. In other
      > words, you can't buy ranks in three languages to qualify for the
      > linguist talent with the same level increase. And that makes sense --
      > it would be pretty weird for your character to go from speaking no
      > extra languages to being an expert linguist all at once.
      > But 1st-level characters work somewhat differently. A 1st-level
      > character does not have to acquire skills, class abilities, and other
      > features in any particular order. You can spend skill points first or
      > last -- it doesn't matter. So a character can take the linguist
      > talent at 1st level if he has already spent the skill points to meet
      > the prerequisite. The Character Creation Summary gives the steps in a
      > convenient order, but unlike the Level Advancement section, that
      > order isn't set in stone."
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