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Re: [pcgen] Editting and adding

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  • Eddy Anthony
    ... Hi th_o_r_n I m also relatively new to PCGen but have had some fun experiences inputting my own campaign data. I ll share what I ve learned: 1) your first
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2003
      th_o_r_n wrote:

      > Hola,
      > Sorry to bother you all, but I am completely new to PCGen and I was
      > wondering if someone could point me in the direction of how to add
      > races. I am trying to do up the Races of Faerun book and so far its
      > beating me down pretty effectivley. All I really need is a manual as
      > I have figured out most of the basic points, its the actual writing
      > of the "tags" that are stopping me from entering in a Tanarruk.
      > Thanks for the help.

      Hi th_o_r_n
      I'm also relatively new to PCGen but have had some fun experiences
      inputting my own campaign data. I'll share what I've learned:

      1) your first stop should be the Docs that come with the program (they are
      in the Part 3 of 3 if you downloaded it in parts. It is a collection of HTML
      pages that go into great detail about the tags though it can be difficult
      sometimes to understand how to use them.

      2) Next look at the existing data files to learn how things work. A lot of
      times you can copy and modify code to do what you want. Look at the books to
      see what something is supposed to do and then look at the code to see how
      its set up.

      3) Try the list editors under the Tools menu. Havne't used them much myself
      and I heard they don't do everything but they might do what you need.

      4) The Yahoo sites. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen/ is the main
      discussion group for PCGen but there is also
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCGenListFileHelp/ which is a group
      specifically for editing list files. If you run into a problem I would first
      search these 2 groups to see if the problem has been addressed before. If
      that yields no results then it may be time to post.

      5) When you post for help try and be as specific about the problem as
      possible. Don't refer to copywrited material, instead use generic terms like
      Feat Foo or Skill-Foo. Don't expect an immediate response, keep in mind this
      is a hobby for most everyone here.

      Hope this helps, if you find a manual let me know, I'd love a copy.
      BTW, the data file for the book you mentioned will soon be for sale online
      at: http://www.codemonkeypublishing.com/
      They are handling the sale of data files for all the copywrited material.

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