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[ADV] D20books, New Specials and Shipping Policy

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    I am happy to announce the official transfer of all shipping through D20books.com from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to FedEx. USPS Media Mail and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2003
      I am happy to announce the official transfer of all shipping through
      D20books.com from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to FedEx. USPS
      Media Mail and Priority Mail will no longer be an option with D20books

      FedEx had acquired a company called RPS that did ground deliveries in direct
      competition to UPS. RPS seems to have been fully integrated into FedEx and
      is relabeled "FedEx Ground". You many have noticed the trucks in your city
      with the green "Ex" in FedEx. That would be them.

      From between $1 and $2 (for larger packages), you will be receiving the
      following added services.

      1. Full tracking information. You will be able to get live tracking
      information that was not guaranteed with the use of USPS Delivery
      Confirmation. FedEx also has a nifty tool that allows me to put in your
      email address and you would get tracking updates via email.

      2. Insurance. Insurance is a built-in function of the FedEx system. There
      is free insurance on packages up to $100, and it is only $0.35 more per
      additional $100. Insurance for up to $100 with the USPS is $2.20, easily
      making USPS more expensive than FedEx.

      3. Faster Delivery. With the USPS Media Mail, it has taken as long as 17
      days for a package to get to its location. Through some miracles,
      sometimes, packages get to their locations in three days. With FedEx,
      packages going to get to you in 1-5 days, but the actuality will be 2-3
      days, from the trials this week.

      4. Cheaper and faster to Canada. My Canadian customer base has been
      growing. FedEx International Ground has proven to be 20% cheaper than USPS
      International AirMail. With all the added benefits of the above, there is
      no reason why I would not do this.

      The bad news is that I will be doing USPS International AirMail to the UK
      and to Australia. Insurance is mandatory on packages going via USPS from
      now on.

      Now... Onto the specials.

      August is supposed to see the release of the following books.

      25% off - Your price, $16.49
      Bottled Imp Games, "Lords of the Night: Liches"

      25% off - Your price, $18.71
      Fantasy Flight Games, "Sorcery and Steam"

      25% off - Your price, $18.71
      Fantasy Flight Games, "Cityworks"

      25% off - Your price, $11.21
      Fantasy Flight Games, "Redline"

      25% off - Your price, $22.46
      Atlas Games, "Crime and Punishment"

      25% off - Your price, $7.46 each
      Badaxe Games, "Heroes of High Favor: Gnomes"
      BadAxe Games, "Heroes of High Favor: Halflings"

      Because of the new shipping policies, I must have orders in and paid for by
      the close of business (5pm CDT -5 GMT) on Thursday so that orders can be
      picked up on Friday, packed over the weekend, and shipped on Monday. This
      also means that I will be shifting my [ADV] emails to Friday mornings to
      afford you the best opportunity to capitalize on specials.

      Please be aware that any items that require me to contact a secondary
      distributor and have delivery of product sent to me will delay my shipment
      out to you. If you're looking for something a little hard to find, please
      contact me ASAP so that I can do the research and track down a copy of what
      you're looking for.

      Jeff Pawlowski

      Proud Sponsor of PCGen, http://pcgen.sourceforge.net

      Please feel free to contact me through online messenger services:
      AIM and Yahoo = d20books
      MSN = d20books@...
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