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Re: [RSRD v6.5][TIR] Bugs & Errors report

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  • Tir Gwaith
    ... Hm. I ll need to check into whether we can still use those then. Hopefully it won t be an issue. ... One of the ones I killed for being in a block of
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2003
      > The following bugs & errors were spotted during testing v6.5:
      > 1. rsrdclassesXXX.lst
      > - Class abbreviations are no longer in RSRD documents.

      Hm. I'll need to check into whether we can still use those then.
      Hopefully it won't be an issue.

      > 2. rsrdequiprodstaffwandXXX.lst
      > - SE_50TRIGGER eqmod not found in eqmods

      One of the ones I killed for being in a block of stuff that was
      copied wholesale from the 3.0 SRD.

      > 3. SOURCEPAGE tag (all files).
      > Which type of sourcepage syntax should be used?
      > SOURCEPAGE:http://www.wizards.com/d20/files/v35/MagicItemsIII.rtf
      > SOURCEPAGE:MagicItemsIII.rtf
      > SOURCEPAGE:RSRD SpellListII & SpellsA-B
      > or
      > SOURCEPAGE:RSRD file MagicItemsIII.rtf
      > 4.rsrdfeatshidden.lst
      > - SOURCEPAGE: file extensions .RFT should be replaced with .RTF
      > - SOURCEPAGE: ampersand used - weren't we supposed to avoid this
      > (&) at all costs?

      SOURCEPAGE info at this point is to verify the items is in the RSRD.
      When we get wrapping up with the RSRD in testing, we will be
      replacing them with the d20 System Guide regs for referencing works
      (in other words, they will go to the style of the old SRD sets just
      before inclusion in the Official releases. The RTF mentions are so I
      know where to check when verifying.

      > - line 48-52 (Favored Enemy): replace occurences of "Huminoid" and
      > "Huminod" with "Humanoid"
      > - line 48-52 (Favored Enemy): either make "Human" lowercase or
      > uppercase first letter of other races
      > - line 48-52 (Favored Enemy): numerous errors in "Outsider (XXX)" -
      > missing spaces (should be: OutsiderSPACE(ALIGN_TYPE)), unpaired

      Yeah, that is an easy go for me. We got that call when working on
      CMP files, so I've done the whole Favored Enemy thing once before.
      The same selection (with differences for the 3.0 - 3.5 monster types)
      is what should be in the 3.0 set as well. Not sure if I've
      transfered that over to our official release set yet.

      > brackets, typos (example: line 54: Erath, should Earth)
      > - line 71: missing TAB between SA and DESC tags

      K. Need to check into those. Thanks.

      > Regards,
      > Ruemere

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen Data SB and BoD
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