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Re: Our Cleric wants Prestige Class from Defenders of the Faith.

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  • Dov Shmuel Freedman
    Thank you. ... supports the ... less easy. ... You ll also ... group, which is ... Not how do I ... to X, how ... likely to ... reference ... which ... tools
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2003
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      Thank you.

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "Brass Tilde" <brasstilde@i...> wrote:
      > > Our Cleric wants to add the Contemplative Prestige Class from
      > > Defenders of the Faith. How easy is it to create a new Class and
      > > add it to PC-Gen?
      > Using the LST editors, it tends to be pretty easy, if PCGen
      supports the
      > functionality you're looking for. If it doesn't, it's somewhat
      less easy.
      > <g/>
      > Seriously, look at the class editor, and see what it can do.
      You'll also
      > likely need to post these questions on the PCGenListFileHelp
      group, which is
      > also on Yahoo Groups.
      > And try to ask questions that address specific functionality.
      Not "how do I
      > implement the XXXX class", but "a class I want to add has Y bonus
      to X, how
      > do I formulate the bonus statement." The people most able and
      likely to
      > help you will actively avoid answering questions that explicitly
      > sources that are "closed" content, e.g. the WotC splat books, of
      > "Defenders of the Faith" is one.
      > > What's involved in moving it from version to version?
      > Mostly, running them through the LST converter that appears on the
      > menu.
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