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What do you want out of a GM's tool (GMGen)?

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  • Devon Jones
    Hey all, Just started a thread over on the gmgen list looking for what kinds of features people want out of a gm s tool. I invite anyone here to pop over to
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      Hey all,

      Just started a thread over on the gmgen list looking for what kinds of
      features people want out of a gm's tool.

      I invite anyone here to pop over to the GMGen list
      (pcgen-gmgen@yahoogroups.com) and tell us what kinds of features you want.

      Devon Jones
      GMGen Regent

      The start of thread message for those not on that list was:

      As we creep closer to GMGen 3.3 it's time to start thinking about what
      we would like to see in GMGen.

      I would really like to get some discussion kicked up on this, so if you
      have even small recommendations about this, please weigh in.

      The likely feature set of GMGen at 3.3 will be:
      Encounter Generation
      Combat Tracking
      Experience Calculation
      Treasure (May be held off for 3.4 if the PCGen data side doesn't get
      finished in time)
      Random Names for People/Places/Things

      Here are the ideas I have:
      1) Heirarchical rich text note taking system.
      - write notes/embed images
      - add files (so that the can be launched by other apps, like CC2 or mp3s
      for music)
      - look up SRD rules (3, 3.5 and D20 Modern)
      - drag and drop rules/items/skills/monsters/etc from the srd/rules sets
      into a note field, and have it hyperlink
      - Allow the GM to see the 'loaded' rules sets (so a list of all the
      feats/skills/spells, with whatever data pcgen has for them) with the
      same ability to drag and drop

      2) Interactive Character Sheet
      - LOOK like a character sheet
      - change equip sets
      - see the effects of ability damage, etc. (need to get a way to do
      temporary damage to an ability - maybe a template)
      - memorize, and use up memorized spells
      - check off ammo/charges
      - have all this affect the character (so the changes can be saved if

      3) Interactive Monster Sheet/Monster Database
      - LOOK like a monster sheet in the monster manual, maybe some ability to
      add images
      - Will pull the monster data from pcgen.

      3) Dice bag
      - Dice bag screen, where you can define dice types, and roll them
      - Will output every roll to the log
      - can be applied to a skill across all loaded skills, and tell the GM
      what DC each player made (with the ability to add mods)

      4) Initiative Changes
      - The addition of attacks
      - effects (like paralysis and stunned) that will show their duration,
      and remain attached to the character who has that effect

      5) Map Editor
      - Don't have a whole lot of commentary here, because we will be reciving
      a contributed on - after it is ready, then I will evaluate where we want
      to go with it.
      - Potentially a battle map/randomly generated environment based on
      location (road, forest, tiaga, etc)

      6) Weather Generator
      - the ability to generate weather for 1 to n days, with the weather from
      the previous day affecting the weather for the next day
      - Will list effects, sunrise, sundown, humidity, tiems of rain, etc.
      - can be affected by biome/altitude

      7) Table Generator
      - with the ability to run arbitrarily complicated user generated tables
      (with some prepackaged ones as well, like NPC personalities, etc)

      8) Networking
      - the ability to have a "PC GMGen Client" that the GM can let peopel see
      certain information (like world information, the situation in combat, etc)

      9) Look at embedding PCGen as a GMGen Plugin
      - I would like to look at the possibility of embedding PCGen as a whole,
      or in part as a GMGen plugin, and have it be able to pick up loaded PCs
      for editing/generated monsters

      These are just some ideas. I want every idea, no matter how wacky it
      could seem.
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