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[ADV] Happy news and a Cool Bundle from D20books

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    First, the Good News! I ve opened up accounts with more distributors. If one distributor does not have something, I will be able to get them from other
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
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      First, the Good News!

      I've opened up accounts with more distributors. If one distributor does not
      have something, I will be able to get them from other distributors. This is
      good since there have been times when I could not fill orders because stuff
      was out-of-stock.

      I've also opened an account with RPGMall.com. You can now order hardcopies
      of PDF books and get your discount on them through me. The books I've seen
      that are "Print On Demand" seem to be pretty cool.

      More good news!!

      I'm presently sitting on over 60 pre-order sets of v3.5 from you guys and my
      other customers. This FLOORED my salesman at my main distributor. He is
      extending my pre-order deadline and allowing me to dig into the "loose
      allocations" for another two weeks. This means that I can continue to offer
      30% off v3.5 until June 12th (the order has to be in on June 13th) or until
      all the loose allocations are accounted for.

      From what I've been able to tell, most stores are only pre-ordering 20 sets,
      on average. D20 Books is killing that number. With another two weeks, I
      think I can hit 70 or 80.

      I'm also supposed to be getting the books EARLY. The books are not allowed
      to be in the stores until July 18th, but I'll get them early to ship them
      out. This should shave two days off your delivery times.


      Considering that I now have other distributors and that I am sitting on over
      $5300 (MSRP) worth of pre-orders, no one wants to mess around with me or my
      dealer discount. My discount is safe.

      This is due to the massive orders they've seen from me (sporadically) and
      the MASSIVE pre-order for v3.5. I have the vast majority of thanks to give
      to the PCGen customers. Thank You.

      I'll actually be turning a small profit from v3.5, even with the heavy
      discount. It reaffirms my business plan and proves that this can be done if
      the volumes are there. It also reaffirms that if the volumes are large
      enough, I can give even bigger discounts than 20%.

      Thank You.

      Now on with the cool bundle. I've been looking at doing this for a while.
      Here it is, with everything finally all in stock at the same time.

      > D20 Books Counter/Miniature Combat Pack (25% off below) $65.54
      > WWP 16040
      > Counter Collection I (d20)
      > $12.95
      > IMP FDP16014
      > Counter Collection II (revised)
      > $14.95
      > IMP BNP100
      > D20 Ranger (2) (d20)
      > $10.00
      > IMP BNP200
      > D20 Ranger 20' Radius Template 2-pack
      > $12.00
      > CHX 97147
      > Oyster Megamat 1"" Squares
      > $29.98
      > CHX 03154
      > Mat Marker Set
      > $7.50

      Jeff Pawlowski

      Proud Sponsor of PCGen, http://pcgen.sourceforge.net

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      AIM and Yahoo = d20books
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