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Re: [pcgen] Re: Mac OS X option.ini file writing issue

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  • John Kono
    ... No, it s not an inherent problem with Mac OS X. It may be a problem with JRE, but *native* apps -- Carbon or Cocoa -- all have the option of reacting to
    Message 1 of 5 , May 30, 2003
      On Friday, May 30, 2003, at 13:53 US/Pacific, D20 Books and More wrote:

      >> Wouldn't that be clasified as a bug then?
      >> I would assume that there is a common routine that is used farther
      >> down the logic stream that could be overloaded to do the file
      >> save...but since I don't code that heavily (some, but not THAT much),
      >> I'm not sure.
      > This is an inherent problem with Mac OS X. This is not necessarily an
      > issue with
      > PCGen.

      No, it's not an "inherent" problem with Mac OS X. It may be a problem
      with JRE, but *native* apps -- Carbon or Cocoa -- all have the option
      of reacting to a close or quit event and saving anything that needs to
      be saved. The only time this isn't a case is if the process is
      SIGKILLed from, say, the CL. In that case, it just dies. But if PCGen
      behaves like it's received a SIGKILL when the user closes the app,
      that's an application bug, not an OS bug.

      >> I do understand that one is probably the window manager (the "Close"
      >> method") and the other is the app...so maybe it's not possible.
      > Apple-Q will kill the application without writing the option.ini
      > because this is a
      > system call outside of PCGen.

      Er, nope. The system generates an event which the app developer has
      the option of watching for or not. Now, since PCGen is running on top
      of JRE, someone should probably look at the JRE docs to figure out how
      to catch the exception that the runtime is almost certainly throwing
      when it receives the quit event from the OS.

      > Ctrl-Q is the call within the application and will close down PCGen
      > properly and save
      > all the data necessary to the INI files.

      That's a poor design decision and violates all the UI guidelines I've
      ever read on *any* platform. It's a really bad idea to have two quit
      commands that do different things, and there is almost certainly a way
      around it -- if someone is willing to invest the time to look for it.
      Might I suggest starting with the ApplicationListener interface from
      the com.apple.eawt package?

      John Kono
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