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RE: [pcgen] Re: PCGen wotc sup coding issue

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  • Anestis Kozakis
    ... This list is about PCGen, the free version, with the SRD datasets, which has no WotC IP. This list is about being able to ask for help running the
    Message 1 of 5 , May 30, 2003
      At 09:15 -0400 2003/05/30, Cameron Guill wrote:
      >Actually, I believe it has been said on several occasions that you can
      >ask for help building a file. He is not asking for someone else’s work.
      >He is asking for someone’s help with a specific problem. It may involve
      >wotc’s IP, BUT he is not violating that in any way. He is using his
      >fair usage rights to create a lst file. If he asked for someone else’s
      >file, then that would be bad, but asking for help about a specific item
      >is not.
      >At no point did he ask for your data file. That would have been wrong.
      >He should not have to post at CMP site, since he is asking a PCGen lst
      >file question. If he had asked about getting an entire file, CMP’s site
      >would have been the place. If he had asked about how to create it in
      >XML, the XML group would have been the place. Since he asked for it in
      >lst format, and only a single item, not even an entire class, but a
      >single class feature, this should be the place. Now he might also be
      >able to get assistance at CMP.

      This list is about PCGen, the free version, with the SRD datasets,
      which has no WotC IP. This list is about being able to ask for help
      running the program, reporting bugs, and asking for features and

      What the person was asking for was WotC IP.

      He was also asking a coding issue.

      A coding issue should be asked, in generic format, on the coding list.

      A WotC IP issue should be asked on the Code Monkey Publishing forum
      on the CMP site.

      These are the rules as have been set down for this list by the
      creators and maintainers of this list.

      Hence, krazhit was correct in his response.

      Zen Archery is from a Builder Book, and hence, is WotC IP, and should
      not be discussed here.

      >Cameron Guill (Arnix ™ )


      >-----Original Message-----
      >From: krazhit [mailto:here@...]
      >Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 5:43 AM
      >To: pcgen@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [pcgen] Re: PCGen wotc sup coding issue
      >I have refrained from meddling when someone posts here about the
      >verboten sources, but will give you the following advice since I am
      >curious about the outcome.
      >1. Discussion of WotC intellectual property is forbidden here. PCGen
      >only has permission to have the SRD data in it´s sources:
      >Everything else will be available through Codemonkey Publishing for a
      >modicum sum of $:
      >2. That said, I suggest you alter your question, and post it over at
      >the PCGenListFileHelp where it really belongs.
      >If I were to ask a similar question there, I would write something
      >"I want to make a custom feat that can be taken twice.
      >When taken for the first time it will allow me to substitute INT for
      >DEX when making a ranged attack at a target within 30 feet.
      >When taken for the second time the INT and DEX bonuses will stack"
      >If you get this answered you can probably piece the rest of it
      >together, right?
      >--- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "baz_kal" <bazkal@h...> wrote:
      >> I am trying to add in the Order of the Bow initiate to my PCGen 3
      >> but the problem is I cannot find out a way to make the Zen Archery
      >> work for the Order prestige.
      >> You get the Zen Archery feat automatically at a certain level of
      >> Order of the Bow Initiate. However, if you already have the feat,
      >> then the bonuses from Dex AND Wis stack together. I am not sure how
      >> to write the lst file to stack the bonuses after detecting whether
      >> Zen Archery is already there or not.
      >> Even if I can create a different feat to place in instead of Zen
      >> Archery for the Order pretige where it detects for Zen Archery and
      >> adds the bonuses together. I just don't know how to add them
      >> together.
      >> This is the bonus from Zen Archery:
      > > kalbaz

      "No brilliance is needed in the law. Nothing but common sense,
      and relatively clean fingernails".
      From "A Voyage Round My Father", by John Mortimer.
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