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Re: Is there a way to Import/Export custom list files?

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  • Kevin Colagio
    ... Dave, I ve posted a similar request but mine involved taking the custom data and merging it into a my game specific directory tree. Ideally, you would
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2003
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      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "dskreet145" wrote:
      > What is the best way to get my custom data from one computer to
      > another or from one version of PCGen to a newer release?
      > I thought about just copying the files over, but was worried that I
      > might overwrite something in the destination computer. Is there an
      > Import/export feature available or some sort of easy work around?
      > I was thinking it would be nice if in the list editors, I could
      > select the custom items I want to export. They get exported to a
      > file. Then at a different computer, or from a newer release of
      > PCgen, import the files. The Import could run the list converter on
      > them as well, or if they are too different, give an error saying they
      > are fundamentally incompatible or something.


      I've posted a similar request but mine involved taking the custom data
      and merging it into a "my game specific" directory tree. Ideally, you
      would want it to extract out all the data, and not just be a bunch of
      MODs to existing items (which is what is usually done with the
      equipment now).

      There is also another FREQ out there right now (posted in the last 24
      hours) to have a separate "custom sources" directory where you could
      point your version of PC Gen without having to worry about copying
      anything (just point PC Gen to the directory instead).

      Just letting you know what options have been talked about (but may or
      may not be in the works).

      Kevin Colagio
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