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Re: [pcgen] [OS] bugs, was: Are there more output templates?

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  • Steven Gilroy
    Just a little addendum to what Barak said. For HTML sheets, if you adjust your page margins in your printer layout and remove the headers and footers that your
    Message 1 of 5 , May 4, 2003
      Just a little addendum to what Barak said.

      For HTML sheets, if you adjust your page margins in your printer layout
      and remove the headers and footers that your browser throws in then most
      sheets will print ok.

      I'll start looking into the PDF problems, but I'm not using Win2K so I
      may not find a problem, could be a Operating System specific problem.

      I will be testing the PDF sheets with Linux, Java 1.4.1_02, and PCGen 5.1

      delmar watkins wrote:
      >>>ALl of the output sheets have small bugs in them
      >>>seems, or at the very least have minor layout
      >>If there's a bug, report it and we'll fix it.
      >>Saying there are bugs and giving no details is, to
      >>be blunt, annoying.
      > Whoa! Hey, obviously I have immediately donned my
      > asbestos underwear and stepped into a beehive, or some
      > other mixed analogy.
      > Didn't mean to offend. I know everyone on the list
      > obviously put a lot of work into PCGen. Which, btw,
      > is FRICKIN' COOL!
      > My comments were not meant to disparage the work and
      > product, but rather to illustrate the lack of a
      > certain type of very useful output sheet type. Given
      > that it looks like there are no other OS sources, I
      > will simply have to trudge through making my own,
      > sharing my work when I am done just as you fine folks
      > have done in the past.
      > That said, here are the bugs. I am running PCGen on
      > windows2000 and am mostly using the export to PDF
      > function because I have found that the HTML does not
      > fit well on a page when printed (which may be a bug in
      > iteslf). So here are the following bugs I have
      > encountered:
      > 1) in the d20\fantasy\pdf\csheet_dnd_std.xslt sheet,
      > the saving throw totals are not printed. Everything
      > else appears, but the totals are not there.
      > 2) using the
      > d20\fantasy\pdf\csheet_dnd_std_grey_light.xslt sheet
      > that I download with a "color pack" or something, it
      > does not print the character ability scores. All of
      > the scores are obviously THERE because everything else
      > appears statistically OK, they just don't print
      > correctly.
      > 3) weird... just tried the
      > d20\fantasy\pdf\csheet_modern_std.xslt and it did the
      > same as #1 above: no saving throws. Not sure what is
      > going on here.
      > OK, so those are the three (4 if you count the HTML
      > not printed easily) bugs that I have found in just a
      > few minutes of use. I have included one of my
      > characters in case it is something that I am doing
      > wrong and it shows up in the .pcg.
      > Again, sorry for any misunderstanding that may have
      > caused ruffled feathers. I was not intentionally
      > trying to cause any ill will.
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