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PCGEN is not CMP. CMP is not PCGEN.

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  • pjak
    ... software ... Well put. Maybe we should borrow this phrasing for the faq? Or the pcgen home page? ... It would do everyone a world of good to remember that
    Message 1 of 59 , May 1, 2003
      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Emily Smirle <smirle4498@r...> wrote:
      > Small issue: PCGEN is not CMP.
      > CMP is not PCGEN.
      > CMP produces products compatable with PCGEN, much like many
      > companies produce products compatable with windows.

      Well put. Maybe we should borrow this phrasing for the faq? Or the
      pcgen home page?

      > If you don't like the service you get from PCGEN, we'll be glad to
      > refund your money.

      It would do everyone a world of good to remember that this is a
      project staffed entirely by volunteers, working on this because it's
      fun. If it becomes un-fun, well... (Also, do some quick math on the
      potential profit of CMP's data sets and you'll see that that's pretty
      much a volunteer project as well.)

      While I tend to leave the administration entirely in Karianna's
      capable (and soft :) paws, I do want to remind everyone of item 5 and
      6 of the Posting Guidelines found in the State O Pcgen document that
      is regularly sent to this group, and is also available through this
      atrociously long link:

      I believe that this discussion, if it should be continued at all,
      should be moved elsewhere, perhaps CMP's forums?

      /Jonas, wearing his administrator's hat.
    • David R. Bender
      Looks good to me... Thanks!!! -- david
      Message 59 of 59 , Jan 17, 2007
        Looks good to me... Thanks!!!

        -- david

        Eddy wrote:
        > --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "David" <Papa-DRB@...> wrote:
        >> Data sets affected: RSRD (melee weapons)
        >> None of the REACH weapons (ie. Longspear) have the REACH token for equipment
        >> defined.
        >> -- david
        >> Papa-DRB
        > Hi David
        > I wanted to resurect this thread since we have finally got this issue fixed. Code work was
        > done and the data was adjusted and if you check out the latest Alpha release you will find
        > that the csheet_fantasy_std.htm has been altered to display Reach. I've added a block to
        > Unarmed and each Melee weapon block to display Reach. There looked like there was
        > enough space to add this without crowding the rest of the stats. Unarmed simply shows
        > the character natural Reach while the Melee block output the weapons reach.
        > For most Reach weapons it simply doubles the PC's natural reach which we can now do
        > with a new tag: REACHMULT:2. Other weapons, such as the Whip provide a flat distance
        > such as 15' which we do with the old tag: REACH:15. This formula is set to ignore the PC's
        > first 5 feet of natural reach so a human with a whip can threaten 15' but an Ogre (Reach of
        > 10') with a Whip can threaten 20'.
        > Please let us know what you think, this still needs to be implemented on other sheets
        > including the PDF sheets so I'd like to know if what I did on the html sheet works for
        > everyone.
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