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Re: [BUGS] 5.0 equipment bug list

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  • A Character
    ... When I looked at this item s information it didn t show there was any additional weight -- so I d assumed it might not work. So just buying this item will
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 30, 2003
      > > Armor Spikes - cost 0. All Armor Spikes weight = 0
      > No goof. Done that way for use in the equipment blocks. The weight
      > and such is done through the EquipMod on the armor. Otherwise the
      > character would be penalized twice for the same item.

      When I looked at this item's information it didn't show there was any
      additional weight -- so I'd assumed it might not work. So just buying this
      item will automaticly "bill" me?

      > > Artisan's Tools - no masterwork version. How do you specify which
      > skill the
      > > tools help with?
      > That was working for me before release (I specifically checked on
      > it.... But I was tired; I'll look into it again. However, since an
      > equipment has to be Equipped to grant the bonus, it causes issues
      > there.. It might be a matter of it not being Autogenerated because
      > of the choice involved.

      Is there any way to get some items to just add bonuses for having items in
      your inventory (i.e. carried)? As it is, getting the bonus for the Military
      Riding Saddle is almost impossible to get.

      > > Chain Shirt (Mithral/Masterwork) - is that really possible?
      > Yes. Mithral is NOT masterwork. Takes as long to make as
      > masterwork, but it is not masterwork automatically. Only Darkwood is
      > masterwork automatically. Search through the archives. This has
      > been debated before. We take a strict reading of the rules.

      I guess I was just confused because it seems to me that the penalties and
      bonuses for both the masterworked and non-masterworked Chain Shirts are the

      > > Gauntlets (Locked) - typo, should be Gauntlet. Further, 1st level Elf
      > > Fighter isn't proficient with this item. While it isn't technically a
      > > weapon (it doesn't appear on the weapons list) it can be used just as a
      > > gauntlet (according to its description), so anyone with a Simple Weapon
      > > Proficiency ought to be able to use one
      > Gauntlets (Locked) is an outstanding bug for proficiency. I'll check
      > into the Single/plural issue..

      I just asked because I wanted THIS Elven Fighter to use a Locked Gauntlet
      with a Composite Longbow and a Spiked Gauntlet with the other hand which
      seemed possible to me. I just don't know how possible it was on PCGen.

      > > Starting outfit - the outfit that you get for free for being 1st
      > > level is good, except for one thing -- it has no weight to it as well as
      no cost.
      > > Does this mean that 1st level Explorer's Outfit weighs nothing while the
      > > same outfit bought later weighs 8 pounds?
      > First Outfit is free - that is what the pop-up does. That is in
      > terms of cost. The first Clothing worn doesn't count against weight -
      > that is automatically done in a different part of the code. If you
      > buy a different out fit, and wear that instead, the worn one won't
      > have a weight penalty... This is per the PHB. Maybe I should check
      > the SRD on that one. I think I remember seeing it though. (And this
      > happens AFTER I've submitted my final SRD list to Andy Smith, of
      > course.)

      Really? I didn't know that -- well, I knew the first Outfit didn't cost
      anything, but I didn't know that they didn't weigh anything either.

      > > Errors:
      > > I keep getting 'Could not find C:\Program
      > >
      > Files\pcgen\docs\sectionheadingpages\walkthroughpages\Main\maintabinve
      > ntory.
      > > htm'
      > Hm.. Code not pointing at the right file section. Did you unpack
      > Part 3 into the same folder as PCGen, preserving folders? Doc thing,
      > not data (at least from my perspective...)

      I downloaded pcgen-simple.zip from the automatic build website -- so if
      there's a problem there, then I wouldn't know...

      I hope that helps -- thanks for answering my questions.
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