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LST Converter requests

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  • Tir Gwaith
    I am going to try to say this once, and if people want to email me about how mean and inconsiderate I am, fine. The subject doesn t seem to ever want to die.
    Message 1 of 59 , Apr 29, 2003
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      I am going to try to say this once, and if people want to email me about how
      mean and inconsiderate I am, fine. The subject doesn't seem to ever want to

      We do NOT support 2.7.3 files. They were pulled for a reason - a request
      from a publisher that we go OGL completely, which we have since done. We
      made a deal with WotC, a deal to keep PCGen a viable program, and not
      bankrupt any of the founders of this project.

      Now, fast forward a number of months. These same people have negotiated
      with the publisher to get that material available to the masses again, with
      the blessings of the publisher. That said publisher wants to protect it's
      IP - which makes sense - and blessing free distribution of said hurts their
      ability to protect that IP. They agreed to sell data sets through a
      corporation - not a loose conglomeration of open source programmers. All
      this being a LOT of work on the part of Bryan and Mynex, and supporting help
      from others like Greg (Byngl), Jessica (LST Gopher), and myself.

      Whether or not they agreed to that, whether or not if it is 'fair' or
      whatever from anyone's standpoints, we (the PCGen team that met with AV at
      GenCon) are trustworthy. We agreed to remove distribution and support for
      the non-OGC files already out there. We did that. We also made quite a
      number of LST syntax changes in our move to be totally OGL and d20stl
      complaint. Those syntax changes would kill homebrews that people had
      struggled to create. The LST Converters were born to update the homebrews.
      They were not created to update everyone's old closed content files.

      Since January, I have been hearing more and more requests for LST Converters
      that will do everything from 2.7.3 to current. That would be supporting,
      after a fashion, non-OGC sources we pledged to remove. I have had 3
      requests for conversions of homebrews since January that was for homebrews,
      other than how to do one syntax thing. Two of them weren't broken, but
      weren't doing what the user wanted anymore, and I fixed for them. The third
      was recent, and had to do with PRECLASS, which is being worked on from a
      prettylst.pl standpoint and will be in a LST Converter. The other, more
      numerous, requests I've heard on the lists, and those I get in private, are
      for blanket LST Converters so people can mindlessly update the old 2.7.3
      files. "My Heirophant doesn't work right, can you fix?" Sorry, No. "My FR
      campaign won't load anymore, will you help?" Sorry, No.

      So LST Converters for future major syntax changes will get done to help
      people's homebrews. We aren't going to be making LST converters to convert
      old 2.7.3 files. Anyone that has a homebrew they've done that has remained
      broken after running the LST converter is welcome to ask for help on the
      PcgenListFileHelp group, or email me directly. They get taken care of
      fairly quickly.

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen BoD
      Data Silverback
    • David R. Bender
      Looks good to me... Thanks!!! -- david
      Message 59 of 59 , Jan 17, 2007
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        Looks good to me... Thanks!!!

        -- david

        Eddy wrote:
        > --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "David" <Papa-DRB@...> wrote:
        >> Data sets affected: RSRD (melee weapons)
        >> None of the REACH weapons (ie. Longspear) have the REACH token for equipment
        >> defined.
        >> -- david
        >> Papa-DRB
        > Hi David
        > I wanted to resurect this thread since we have finally got this issue fixed. Code work was
        > done and the data was adjusted and if you check out the latest Alpha release you will find
        > that the csheet_fantasy_std.htm has been altered to display Reach. I've added a block to
        > Unarmed and each Melee weapon block to display Reach. There looked like there was
        > enough space to add this without crowding the rest of the stats. Unarmed simply shows
        > the character natural Reach while the Melee block output the weapons reach.
        > For most Reach weapons it simply doubles the PC's natural reach which we can now do
        > with a new tag: REACHMULT:2. Other weapons, such as the Whip provide a flat distance
        > such as 15' which we do with the old tag: REACH:15. This formula is set to ignore the PC's
        > first 5 feet of natural reach so a human with a whip can threaten 15' but an Ogre (Reach of
        > 10') with a Whip can threaten 20'.
        > Please let us know what you think, this still needs to be implemented on other sheets
        > including the PDF sheets so I'd like to know if what I did on the html sheet works for
        > everyone.
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