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Re: [pcgen] [KAR]Re: a little explanation

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  • Tommy Williams
    No, that s cool. I knew it may have been borderline stuff, but didn t think it would fall under that whole interactive clause. As the saying goes: You learn
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      No, that's cool. I knew it may have been borderline stuff, but didn't think it would fall under that whole "interactive" clause.

      As the saying goes: "You learn something new every day."

      Happy gaming.
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      From: Martijn Verburg (DSLWN)
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      Hi all,

      Unfortunately Paul is correct (as far as our official policy goes), we
      cannot host tools that perform these sorts of calculations on our Y! group.
      I'm afraid that I'll have to delete this file, however please do not see
      this as flaming censure, you have certainly acted in good faith 8-).



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      From: Tommy Williams [mailto:aarn_d@...]
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      None taken. I Just stated what I used it for for my own internal purposes.
      It neither infringes upon copyrights nor intellectual property that I'm
      aware of. I didn't intend for anyone to use it to make their own ELH or any
      other WoTC-copyrighted .lst files. What I did do was make my own specialty
      priest for use in our campaign. Due to the fact that I can't see PCGen
      internally calculating the various bonuses as levels were added, this little
      spreadsheet helped me do that. Just trying to help others do the same.

      If I've overstepped my bounds, I apologize.

      <Paul King bit>
      Ummm....no offense, but I don't think you're supposed to discuss this
      kind of issue on these boards. ELH/D&Dg are closed content, and are
      therefore not to be distributed with PCGen. CMP has worked a deal
      with WotC to create *.lst files that can be used in PCGen, but they
      are for sale.

      Paul W. King
      OGL/PL SB and BoD

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