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[SRD] Re: Rogue and unamed attacks

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  • zachslists
    ... Medium ... a ... their ... I agree. Also, look at the Improved Unarmed Strike feat. It doesn t have Unarmed Attack Proficiency as a prereq or anything,
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 28, 2003
      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "Hugo" <emperorfranz@y...> wrote:

      > Read the description of unarmed strike in the equipment section.
      > Sounds like a natural attack to me. It defines the damage for
      > and small creatures. It deals damage that counts as "weapon damage"
      > for any effects related to bonusses to damage. This would be a fine
      > line walk. So if this is sufficient to prove that unarmed strike is
      > natural attack then the MM gives all creatures proficiency with
      > own natural attacks so humanoid PCs would be no exception.

      I agree. Also, look at the Improved Unarmed Strike feat. It doesn't
      have "Unarmed Attack Proficiency" as a prereq or anything, and does
      *not* give proficiency with unarmed attacks - no feat does, in fact.
      I think it's assumed that everyone is proficient with their fists.
      They may deal very little subdual damage by default, but they *can*
      do it. Otherwise, you end up with the odd situation of a character
      with Improved Unarmed Strike not being proficient with unarmed

      Also, the Unarmed Attacks section on page 140 doesn't say anything
      about most characters not bein proficient with unarmed attacks (and
      thus suffering a -4 penalty). And you'd think it would if that was
      the case.

      - Z a c h
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