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Re: [pcgen] First fan-based LST updates!!!! (I think ;P)

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  • Bryan McRoberts
    Dave, very cool! Everything looks great - although it s made me realize several of things: 1. you don t have spaces between Mace (light/heavy) or Crossbow
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 2000
      very cool! Everything looks great - although it's made me realize several of
      1. you don't have spaces between Mace (light/heavy) or Crossbow
      (light/heavy), and I think that will prove to be important, because:
      2. on my character sheet I don't modify your chance to hit based on whether
      or not you're proficient in a weapon! I'll have to fix that.
      3. the Choose button for Weapon Proficiencies isn't working as I thought it
      was for WEAPONBONUS tags. I'd like PCGen to remember if you'd already chosen
      a bonus weapon, and display it in the Selected portion of the pop-up window
      if you hit Choose again. It's not doing that for the Elf or Commoner. Not a
      biggie, but I'll fix that at some point.
      4. So the expert can choose skills to become class skills - even up to 2
      exclusive ones? Hm, yeah, I can fix that.

      Maybe I should post a file that I'll update with bugs that I'm working on -
      or am aware of - and put a date next to them when I complete them. I'm doing
      kind of that sort of thing at the bottom of the readme.html file, but maybe
      posting it to the group would be a more appropriate place.
      Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get everything added to the lst files. I'd
      love it to get to the point where I can just fix the bugs and
      add new features as needed - and everyone else can modify the lst files! ;)


      dcortijo@... wrote:

      > I have posted a directory to the egroups site with modifications I
      > have made to LST files. Check out all the files there - you might be
      > surprised with what you find. The folder is named "Dave's LST
      > files" - any feedback is welcome.
      > -Dave
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