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RE: [pcgen] Uncanny Dodge - wrench in it.

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  • Andy Knight
    Except it is Barbarian that gets it at level 2, and Rogue gets it at level 3. For the alternate source, in Song and Silence, pg 18, Temple Raider: Uncanny
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2003
      Except it is Barbarian that gets it at level 2, and Rogue
      gets it at level 3. For the alternate source, in Song and
      Silence, pg 18, Temple Raider:
      "Uncanny Dodge (Ex): At 3rd level, the temple raider gains
      the uncanny dodge ability (see the Rogue section in Chapter
      3 of the Player's Handbook) if he did not already have it.
      He gains additional benefits of this ability as his temple
      raider level increases (see Table 1-7). If he already had
      uncanny dodge from one or more previous classes, levels of
      those classes stack with temple raider levels for the
      purpose of determining the benefits, but he continues to
      progress in the ability along whichever track he was
      originally using for it. For example, if a rogue becomes a
      temple raider, add together his levels of temple raider and
      rogue, then refer to Table 3-15: The Rogue in the Player's
      Handbook to determine the benefits of uncanny dodge at his
      new, combined level."

      -Andy Knight

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      Ok, instead of being clear on how to do it, now I'm even
      more confused...

      Alright, step by step.

      Bar1 = No Uncanny
      Bar2 = No uncanny
      Bar3 = Uncanny Dodge 1
      Rog1 = No Uncanny Dodge
      Rog2 = Uncanny Dodge.

      On the rest there is apparently a nice little debate.

      My personal preference, is that every time you get the
      ability from either
      class, they stack. I.e. Bar3/Rog2 is Uncanny Dodge 2, but
      Bar2/Rog3 is
      Uncanny Dodge 1 (only from the Rogue level2). That is what
      I think the SRD
      is saying.

      Now for the wrench:

      SRD Assassin:
      Uncanny Dodge: At 2nd level and above, the Assassin retains
      a Dexterity
      bonus to AC (if any) if caught flat-footed or struck by an
      At 5th level, the Assassin can no longer be flanked. A Rogue
      at least four
      levels higher can still flank.
      At 10th level, the Assassin receives a +1 bonus to Reflex
      saves made to
      avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks by

      DMG (printing 1, since that's what I've got) has another
      little bit:
      "If the assassin has another class that grants the uncanny
      dodge ability,
      add together all the class levels of the classes that grant
      the ability and
      determine the character's uncanny dodge ability on that

      Now, that isn't in the SRD, and it is also very unclear....
      Left out of the
      SRD because of that?

      Time for the Sage or Wiz customer serivice? This gets very
      murky quickly.

      Are there other sources (D20/OGL, not necessarily WotC) that
      define Uncanny
      dodge and how it stacks? I might as well start thinking
      about as many
      different methods there are, since I'll have to synthesize
      them all, if
      possible. :)

      I'd rather do Uncanny Dodge right, once, the first time,
      then go back and
      redo, like with the Monk Stunning Attack....... (Now,
      wasn't that

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen BoD
      Data Silverback

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