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Re: [pcgen] [FREQ] Psion PPs and extra flexibility

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  • Luc Hermitte
    rkthoadan wrote in ... I guess you mean Bruce s Revision from ITCK (not the one freely available from his
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2003
      "rkthoadan <kljma1@...>" <kljma1@...> wrote in

      > Greetings, long time lurker de-lurking here, I wasn't sure what the
      > best place for FREQs is so I figured I'd post it here...
      > With the release of Mindscapes (which I'm guessing will be allowed to
      > be in PCGen since everything else Malhovac Press has released is) it
      > will be necessary to allow a Prestige Class to add levels of Psion/Psi
      > Warrior for Power Point purposes. It will also be necessary when CMP
      > gets around to the Minds Eye section of the Wizards Website (and make
      > things easier for those making our own lst files till then). With the
      > standard Psi Handbook classes this was possible since they both
      > followed a mathematical formula, you could define PPs based off of
      > that formula and increment the base variable in P-Classes. However,
      > Bruce's revised Psion has a very, very funky Power Point progression,
      > that so far as I know can not be really expressed mathematically.

      I guess you mean Bruce's Revision from ITCK (not the one freely available
      from his web site). Where I agree: finding a mathematical formulation for
      ITCK's psion PP progression looks impossible.
      The only way I see is to do what I did with PP progression for Psychic
      Warriors -- the oldest FReq/lst file submission on PCGenDm is about this

      > The basic idea would be to create a type of list file that would
      > mirror the class lst file in many ways, or perhaps simply be a new
      > type for the TYPE tag on the CLASS line. These 'classes' would simply
      > add 'levels' of abilities that any class could add. This would
      > include everything currently in the specials.lst file. It might look
      > like the following for Bruce's revised Psion:
      > And so on. Every class that grants effective levels of Psion for
      > powerpoint purposes(including the Psion class itself) would just say
      > something like ADD:CLASSABILITY:PSIONPP instead of the current method.

      That is a third approach. Interresting. Flexible. I like. Looks like OO
      inheritence. But I guess it will require some Java specific code to
      implement such feature. Java monkeys, any thoughs ?

      > It's no longer necessary for this, but at one point I was wondering if
      > PCGen can produce/store the effective spellcaster levels added. For
      > example: Say I have 5 levels of Wizard and levels in some P-class that
      > has used ADD:SPELLCASTER(Wizard) 3 times. Is there any variable PCGEN
      > stores that we could access in a lst or output file that would return
      > 8 for Wizard Spellcaster level? It might be useful at some point.

      I remember having a little text that gave me the equivalent total Psion
      level when using such things. I don't remember if it was of the character
      sheets or within PCGen gui.

      Luc Hermitte
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