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RE: [pcgen] Re: Size and stat stuff

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  • Andy Knight
    Would a permanancy template that used a CHOOSE tag to bring up a menu of common character-targeted permanancy s (Enlarge, Bull Strength, Cat s grace) and
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 3, 2003
      Would a "permanancy" template that used a CHOOSE tag to
      bring up a menu of common character-targeted permanancy's
      (Enlarge, Bull Strength, Cat's grace) and their associated
      bonuses fall within OGL guidelines (or even just a list of
      templates such as "Permanancy (Bulls Strength)", "Permanancy
      (Cat's Grace)", etc.)?

      Also, is there a way to tag a template so that when it is
      added that it is not removed from the list of available
      templates (so that if there was a "permanancy" with CHOICE,
      it would be avail. for selecting more than one perm.)?


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      > ok, do u guys have it so if ur a certain height u are put
      into x
      > catagory and therefor getstuff evolved around that? like
      if i put
      > half work at 120 in. does he become large? also how does
      > with permancy cause i have permant bull str. do i just
      beef up my

      As far as I know height works like this there are 2 lst
      Biosettings contains the range for the race ie. base + dice
      Race establish size S(mall), M(edium), etc.
      The easiest way you could modify size catagory would to be
      make up
      some templates and use the SIZE TAG.

      I ran into the permanency and there is two ways to do it.
      The easy
      way that I'd do is to make a template for the permancied
      spell it
      gets dispelled and you simply remove template the and
      everying is
      good to go. Ypou would put a BONUS:STAT|STR|# # being how
      much the
      spell gave you in strength
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