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    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PCGEN - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! PCGen is OGL or D20 compliant as of Version 4.0.0 release on Friday Sept 13, 2002! Now our
    Message 1 of 171 , Feb 2, 2003

      PCGen is OGL or D20 compliant as of Version 4.0.0 release on Friday Sept 13,
      2002! Now our goal is to acquire permission from Wizards of the Coast Inc. for
      all their non-SRD material (SRD = System Resource Document, which is based
      largely on the PHB, MM, DMG, Psionics Handbook and D20 Modern Handbook). To
      avoid some common hot-topics that have been beat to death, here
      are some basic ground rules for posting on our yahoo board:


      Because PCGEN is an e-mail community dedicated to the (but always fun)
      discussion of PCGEN product, there are some ground rules which everyone
      needs to follow. Please read the following document carefully, or you
      will be jumped on by the soft pawed one! (that would be the Moderator).

      This list is for the discussion of all aspects of the PCGEN software.
      Please do not send any off-topic or otherwise unrelated posts to the
      PCGEN list. Please note there is a seperate list for LST file
      discussions at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PCGenListFileHelp, although those
      posts are welcome here, and a seperate list for XML discussions at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen-xml (please keep XML related posts there

      Please when discussing work on LST files for products we do not have
      permission for (but you are working on personally) do NOT mention the
      specific details. Ask for help on "Feat foo that adds 4 to the BAB", not
      "Feat xavier from <non permission source>"

      Our hope is that this list will stay as a community of people willing
      to share thoughts and ideas about various aspects of PCGEN; Criticism
      and feedback on specific parts of PCGEN and any general issues with
      PCGEN is very appropriate for this list and actively encouraged - provided
      such feedback is well thought-out, rational, and promotes an open
      discussion of the issue in question. Although this list is essentially
      administered by those involved in the PCGEN project, posters will not be
      removed from the list or blacklisted simply because they are critical of
      a part of PCGEN or PCGEN in general.

      An exception to this occurs in relations to trolling, flaming and
      personal attacks. Simply put, trolling, flaming and personal attacks ARE NOT
      tolerated on the PCGEN list. Posters who troll, flame or attack others
      will be placed on REVIEW or removed from the list if such activity
      continues. Wherever possible, the soft pawed one and/or other moderators
      will intervene and try to nip flame wars in the bud before they spiral
      out of control.

      A few definitions:

      Trolling: posting messages designed to draw an angry response from
      those who read it

      Flame: a sarcastic, biting message, which often attacks the
      intelligence, education and/or perceptiveness of others and is usually designed to
      draw an angry response from them

      Personal attack: A negative comment in a discussion, which is directed
      at/or dealing with a person or persons instead of the issue at hand.
      This includes flaming publishers, whether PCGEN supports them or not.
      We are not a discussion board that allows slamming of publishers, they
      have their own boards for that.

      Remember that everyone on the list comes from a different background.
      We have engineers, lawyers, college students, and high school-age
      members who post on a variety of topics. Please respect the fact that their
      opinions might be different from yours and move on. Many users also
      come from non english backgrounds or countries, bear this in mind when
      you wish to flame them for their spelling or grammer!

      In addition, please adhere to the following rules of etiquette:

      1) Please refrain from using profanity and other insulting language in
      your posts. This is to include starring out of letters or other forms
      of self-censorship.

      2) When responding to a post, make sure to quote only what is required.
      In general, do not quote more than you actually contribute.

      3) Do not make "me too" posts.

      4) If a post begins to move off of its original topic, PLEASE GIVE IT
      A NEW SUBJECT. (This is an especially important rule as the PCGEN staff
      who are on the list have a limited amount of time in which to read the
      messages sent to it.)

      5) Please keep your sig files reasonable in length. Five to six lines
      is considered reasonable.

      6) Please do not post virus warnings without the prior approval of the
      list staff.

      7) When quoting, please remove the two pages of ads that appear from
      various web-based email clients.


      Bryan McRoberts, merton_monk@...
      Benevolent Dictator of PCGen
    • pcgen@yahoogroups.com
      IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PCGEN - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! Last Updated: 3rd June, 2007 Current version ... 5.12.0 is the new shiny release that you want
      Message 171 of 171 , Jun 3 7:35 AM
        Last Updated: 3rd June, 2007

        Current version

        5.12.0 is the new shiny release that you want :)

        When will 3.5e be supported in PCGen?

        3.5e is supported in PCGen since version 5.6. Since PCGen is OGL compliant, we refer to 3.5e as RSRD (Revised System Resource Document) that is the free version of the core 3.5e books that Wizards of the Coast produces. In the "Settings" menu of PCGen, select the "Game Mode" menu item and you'll see how you can switch between game modes like 3.5e and 3e. Depending upon which Game Mode you're in, the list of books you can load will vary. We created a Game Mode for 3.5e because there are a number of rules differences between it and 3e.

        Where are Wizard's of the Coast's books and modules?

        Those were handled under a special license by the gang at Code Monkey Publishing. Wizards of the Coast allowed Code Monkey Publishing's license to expire on 12/1/06, so these sets are no longer available.

        Where are the Star Wars/Call of Cthulhu/Wheel of Time files?

        Even though Wizards of the Coast produces those books, they don't own exclusive rights to that material. We'll need to get permission from both Wizards and the other copyright owner(s) of said material before we can include them in PCGen. It is our intention to acquire this permission, but we're being very careful about how we proceed to maximize our chance of success. We'll keep everyone informed when anything worthy of reporting occurs. :)

        PCGen is OGL (Open Gaming License) but no longer d20 compliant

        Versions 4.0.0 through 4.3.12 were D20 compliant - this compliance was dropped with version 5.0 because we wanted to better support publishers who were not D20 compliant.

        Bryan McRoberts (Benevolent Dictator) and Martijn Verburg (Chair Monkey)
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