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Re: Tutorials for campaign and class creation?

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  • merton_monk <merton_monk@yahoo.com>
    There are editors for just about everything now if you check out the Tools- Lst Editors menu item. Unfortunately there s a problem with the class editor in
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2003
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      There are editors for just about everything now if you check out the
      Tools->Lst Editors menu item. Unfortunately there's a problem with
      the class editor in 4.2.9 that's been fixed for the next version,
      but the other editors should be working properly. The syntax for
      most of the items is really quite flexible, which makes it difficult
      for the editors to cover all the possibilities. If you prefer to
      write them by hand you can do so with the aid of the documentation
      in the docs directory. Right now the stuff you add via the Lst
      Editors gets thrown into the custom*.lst files in the
      data\customsources directory. This is loaded automatically every
      time you load sources on the Source Material tab. We plan on
      letting you put these user-added items into different sources which
      you can choose if you want to load or not like all the other sources.


      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Bell <coridan@o...>"
      <coridan@o...> wrote:
      > Hello. I don't wish to spam the list with newbie questions, so
      > where can I find tutorials on the addition of character classes
      > (core and prestige) to campaigns, as well as the creation of new
      > campaigns, adding feats and new skills, and so on? I'm considering
      > converting for my own personal use the Martial Artist from
      > Bikini Game's Beyond Monks - The Art Of The Fight.
      > Thank you!
      > CB
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