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    Welcome! What is PCGen? PCGen is a character generator and maintenance program aimed at supporting any and all d20 games. PCGen is meant to be easy to modify
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      What is PCGen?
      PCGen is a character generator and maintenance program aimed at supporting any
      and all d20 games. PCGen is meant to be easy to modify to suit your own
      campaign, and users are encouraged to share their creations. Our highest
      priority is supporting published d20 material - our secondary goal is to
      support as many houserules as possible.

      Is PCGen OGL or D20?
      As of version 4.0.0, PCGen is OGL and D20 compliant. We are in regular contact with Wizards of the Coast to make sure we stay that way. The Open Gaming License (OGL) can be found at:
      For a description of how the OGL and D20 licenses work, and a definition of the "System Resource Document" (aka SRD) visit:

      Where is Wotc's non-SRD material?
      Wotc has been very gracious with us and helpful in our process of becoming, and remaining, OGL and D20 compliant. We are currently in discussions with them about their non-SRD material (ForgottenRealms, splatbooks, dragon magazine items, etc.). We will definitely keep everyone appraised of any developments in our discussions with Wotc.

      For D20 Games Publishers:
      Please read our OpenLetter to all D20 Games Publishers at
      We'd love to convert your material for use with PCGen. Once we have your
      permission we'll be glad to work up the files and then send them to you
      for your approval before we include them in any release. This is a free
      way for your material to get widespread use without without giving out so much
      detail that purchasing the material is no longer necessary. Email me
      (merton_monk@... Bryan McRoberts) or post on our yahoo message board if
      you'd like more information.

      Where are the official releases of PCGen?
      Currently PCGen is released at http://pcgen.sourceforge.net

      How often are releases?
      We try to put out a beta release every week. We put out a production release whenever we reach a significant milestone in terms of functionality and we certify that the release is stable after rigorous testing.

      When will you support my favorite d20 book?
      We try to get everything in that we can as quickly as we can. We've made our process more formal as our project has matured, so now we have "data monkeys" who test the data, then send it to the publisher for their approval before it gets included in our releases. This takes a bit of time and we only have so many monkeys working on the data, so if you want to jump in and help out on the book(s) you're specifically interested in, post a note about it on the message board and we'll put you to work!

      Where can I discuss PCGen and interact with the developers?
      If you login to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen you can check out the PCGen
      page from which you can view and post Messages. If you have any questions about
      PCGen, that's the place to send your question. Most of the developers hang out
      there on a regular basis, and a number of other very involved non-developers
      are also available to answer any questions you might have.

      Is there a FAQ for PCGen?
      There's one in the documentation, which is largely based on a fan created one at http://pedertest.officeline.no/pcgen/
      and if you have any questions that aren't covered there that you think should
      be - let him or us know! We want to make learning how to use PCGen as easy and
      frustration free as possible.

      Where/How do I report Bugs or request features?
      You can submit a bug either by posting a message to the yahoo group with [BUG
      REPORT] in its title, or by going to Bug page at the sourceforge site and
      entering a bug there directly. We commonly refer to the feature requests as
      FREQ for short, and you can either post a message with [FREQ] in the title or
      enter it directly in the FREQ list at the sourceforge site. In both cases, the
      more detailed a bug/FREQ is, the more likely it will be addressed in the near
      future. We prefer FREQs be posted at the yahoo group initially so others can
      help iron out any details or brainstorm on how to improve the functionality.

      What do I need to run PCGen?
      PCGen requires Java JRE 1.3 (this can be found at www.sun.com), which means it
      will run on any OS that supports that version of Java. This means that Max OS
      8 & 9 users will need to have Virtual PC since those OSes only support Java
      1.1.8. There are 3 zip files which make up a PCGen release. Unzip all three
      files into the same directory and you're good to go. Java 1.4 is now
      available from Sun for most platforms (except Mac OS X), and it seems to run
      java better, so we recommend that for users. Development is currently being
      done using java 1.3, so you can use that if that's what you already have. We'll convert our development to use java 1.4 once Mac OS X also supports it.

      What's available at the yahoo site?
      In the Files page there are a number of folders you should know about - there's
      Campaign+Central folder where lots of user added Campaigns are available.
      There's a folder for new character sheet templates that aren't
      included in the standard releases, and there's a folder for Character PCG files
      when users have problems that they need help diagnosing. Users who want to send
      in corrections or updates to anything that's included in the official releases
      of PCGen should upload those files to http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=450173&group_id=36698&func=browse where one of us, including our very own
      Portal to the Negative Plane, will make sure it gets included in the next

      Is there an "on-line" version of the documentation?
      Yes - at
      There's a "Troubleshooting" guide there if you have any trouble getting PCGen
      to run.

      Thanks, and welcome aboard!

      Bryan McRoberts (merton_monk@...)
      Author and Benevolent Dictator of PCGen
    • Lee Dowd
      Finally tried to download the autobuild again and no malware warning this time. This is with the latest autobuild. The one I tried last time was the latest at
      Message 314 of 314 , Nov 4 4:21 PM
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        Finally tried to download the autobuild again and no malware warning this time.
        This is with the latest autobuild. The one I tried last time was the latest at the time.
        On Tue, 11/3/15, Lee Dowd leewdowd@... [pcgen] <pcgen@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

        Subject: Re: [pcgen] Virus warning for autobuilds
        To: pcgen@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2015, 12:11 PM


        Sorry about the late response.

        I use Symantec. Will try it again when I get home tonight
        and report what i get.


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