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RE: [pcgen] Re: TAGS

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  • Shawn A. Chesak
    Shawn A. Chesak http://www.stormkeep.net ... That will be nice! BTW, I meant no slight in regards to this. I wasn t implying that this is what the doc s
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1 8:36 AM
      Shawn A. Chesak
      > We're quickly approaching a point where I don't think many new
      > significant tags will be required. Then it will be more appropriate
      > to create a file which lists all the tags and tokens and can link
      > you to a fuller description.

      That will be nice! BTW, I meant no slight in regards to this. I wasn't
      implying that this is what the doc's currently "should" have, but rather
      what I believe the original poster was looking for.

      > Just saying "there are errors in the documentation!" is likely to
      > hurt the feelings of the doc monkeys who have spent so much time and
      > energy on vastly improving the condition of it. Code Monkeys should
      > never be left to document what they write - that's not their
      > strength, and who wants to do something they're not good at??? ;)
      > As you note, it would be better to give a list of the errors so the
      > Doc Monkeys know what needs fixing. <snipped for brevity>

      Yes, I do apologize for not keeping track better of where I found
      mistakes. I've been a user of PCGen practically since the program was
      first made available to us over the internet. During this time I have
      always made an effort to post here any problems, errors, or what have
      you that I find in order to help the team of you (previously just the
      individual) working on it.

      As I see it, this wonderful program is a tremendous tool for myself and
      the players in my game and I'm extremely grateful for all of those who
      work so hard to make it available for us. Because I can't consistently
      devote any portion of time to projects such as this, I have not
      volunteered my time to directly help y'all -- letting you know through
      this list about any problems I find is what I consider the little bit
      that I CAN do to help.

      And I will agree, the documentation is very comprehensive (just not 100
      percent complete...yet). But then, this can be also said regarding the
      program itself, as y'all are continuously working on, fixing, tweaking
      and improving upon it. Though this can occasionally create some
      complications or confusion for users, I'd say that it's a good thing,
      eh? ;-)
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