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RE: [pcgen] Some questions/updates

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  • David E Cortijo
    Great! I ve got my other projects uploaded already, which means I get to take a break! *does a happy dance* Dave
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 26, 2001
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      Great! I've got my other projects uploaded already, which means I get to
      take a break! *does a happy dance*


      On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Nigel Bennington wrote:

      > I've already done most of the feats, and my plan is to do the lot, feats,
      > classes and gear.
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      > From: David E Cortijo [mailto:dcortijo@...]
      > Sent: 26 January 2001 00:33
      > To: pcgen@egroups.com
      > Subject: RE: [pcgen] Some questions/updates
      > Excellent! Are you just doing the classes? I have most of the feats
      > done, so I can finish those up if you haven't done them yet. Also, do you
      > want to take care of the equipment too? That we, we can have the whole
      > book done this weekend. :) Also, please make sure you tag the Sword and
      > Fist items as a separate campaign called "Sword and Fist" to avoid
      > confusion with the "core" material. If you can't do equipment, don't
      > worry about it - I'll get it done ASAP. Between you, Arcady, and me, we
      > can get this whole list done by the weekend (with the exception of Dragon
      > 280, which I haven't seen yet), which means PCgen will be completely
      > up-to-date with published materials.
      > As an aside, I realize I said weeks ago that I'd be doing the Prestige
      > Classes from the Forgotten Realms guidelines. I have most of the
      > functionality done for those classes, but I am waiting for a few more
      > features to be added before those classes get uploaded (the features are
      > vital to the functionality of the classes, so there's no reason to upload
      > a broken class just yet).
      > I'll be back home this weekend to retrieve my computer and other various
      > items, so I'll be back on track by monday. For those interested, there's
      > a file in my directory on the egroups site that includes my "vision" for
      > where PCgen is headed, called Plans.txt - it's been up there for a while,
      > but I don't know if I ever mentioned it to the group. It basically
      > outlines what I feel needs to get done by the users to bring some more
      > features to the program (as opposed to what needs to be coded by Bryan) -
      > the list is at the end of the file.
      > A question to the group - how would everyone feel if I set up web-based
      > forms for Bug Reports and Feature Requests? It would, hopefully, cut back
      > on some of the clutter involved on the egroup, as well as make my life
      > easier in listing Feature Requests (and presumably Robert's on the
      > bug-report end), and also allow people not on the egroup to submit
      > bugs/feature requests. If you guys are interested, I could easily write
      > the form - I just need some web space to put it (theoretically on a server
      > with cgi-bin access, though that's not always necessary).
      > IF (that's a big "if") PCgen gets big and popular enough, what would you
      > guys say to setting up pcgen.com??? That would take away the need for a
      > lot of the egroup maintenence that could need to go on once the list gets
      > really huge, would give us more of a presence on the web (and allow us to
      > run ads to (1) support the site and (2) throw a bit of cash towards Bryan
      > for all his hard work). We could set up an "incoming" directory to hold
      > uploads for files (eliminating the need for users to HAVE to sign up for
      > the egroup in order to upload/download files - though it is extremely
      > useful for batting around ideas, it might work better as a message
      > board/thread type setup), as well as sorting and linking all the
      > user-created/modified list files as we get the chance. This is an idea
      > for somewhere down the road, though it's something we should seriously
      > consider if Bryan is interested in making PCgen a fixture in the gaming
      > community as well as getting his name out for coding such a superb program
      > in his endeavor to learn Java. [For those already wondering, I can do the
      > web design - it's one of the jobs I have when I'm not suffering through
      > classes. I know of a decent space provider that's not too expensive, and
      > the design would be free - not a bad deal altogether considering how PCgen
      > started.]
      > I'm also interested, once my itemized list of LST add-ins gets added to
      > the release (or at least to the site) in a public call for other official
      > D20 publishers to either a) give us material to add to the program or
      > b) setting up some sort of partnerships with them to provide functionality
      > for their games. Since d20 doesn't require a huge amount of tweaking
      > cross-systems, this could be mutually beneficial - PCgen benefits by
      > reaching a wider gaming audience, and the publishers benefit by being able
      > to turn around and say "hey - there's even a character generator for our
      > system. Check out www.pcgen.com for a FREE character
      > generator/editor." As I've said before, PCgen sort of becomes a walking
      > advertisement for the included programs, since a user doesn't have to buy
      > the book to see how a class/feat/skill interacts with the rest of the d20
      > system, or the specific game for that matter.
      > I realize I might be putting the cart before the horse on a lot of these
      > issues, but I personally have high expectations for PCgen - after the past
      > month and a half, I've gotten a good idea of what Bryan is capable of as a
      > coder, as well as seen a huge amount of material being added by a
      > relatively small number of people (about 10 total). Also consider that
      > there are 180 people signed up to our egroup (and probably 3-5 times that,
      > at least, who have at least tried out the program), and you'll see that
      > we've got close to a thousand people working with a program coded by a
      > team of one and assisted by a team of less than a dozen - that impresses
      > me. Strategic partnerships with publishers, support for new, derivative
      > systems (the recent and soon to be released Superheroes and emancy
      > (cyberpunk) games come to mind), and more publicity doesn't hurt
      > anyone. I realize that PCgen is just a beta - then again, so is ICQ...
      > Dave
      > On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Nigel Bennington wrote:
      > > I'm working on the Sword and Fist stuff, and would expect to have it
      > > uploaded by the weekend.
      > >
      > > Nigel.
      > >
      > > -----Original Message-----
      > > From: David E Cortijo [mailto:dcortijo@...]
      > > Sent: 25 January 2001 21:36
      > > To: pcgen@egroups.com
      > > Subject: [pcgen] Some questions/updates
      > >
      > >
      > > If you guys remember, about a week ago I had posted a list of items I
      > > wanted to get/planned to add to PCgen. They were:
      > >
      > > 1) Features from Dragon 280
      > > 2) Feats/Classes/Items from Sword and Fist
      > > 3) Missing equipment from DMG/PHB
      > > 4) Fix alignment restrictions from GH dieties only available in the LGG.
      > > 5) Add favored weapons for the GH and FR deities.
      > >
      > >
      > > I've managed to finish item 3, as well as the FR favored weapons in item
      > > 5. Now, I have a couple of questions based on emails I've gotten in the
      > > past couple of days:
      > >
      > > 1) Is someone working on the classes from Sword and Fist? I had gotten an
      > > email from someone regarding a problem with one of the classes. Please
      > > let me know if you plan on doing this, so I don't waste my time and
      > > duplicate the work.
      > > 2) Did someone get started on fixing the alignment restrictions for GH
      > > deities? If not, I'll do it, but again, please let me know.
      > > 3) I remember someone having started on the GH favored weapons - are they
      > > going to finish that? If so, let me know - same reason as above.
      > >
      > > Assuming that people are working on those features, all that I really have
      > > to do is the S&F equipment and the Dragon 280 features (which isn't even
      > > out yet at the moment, as far as I can tell). I will fix the feature
      > > request file within the next 2 days (once I get a hold of my own computer
      > > again and can sit down for more than 20 minutes with my 400
      > > emails). Again, please let me know if any of this applies to you.
      > >
      > > Dave
      > >
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