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Re: A few odd things....

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  • Felipe F. Diniz
    ... of ... problem - ... Great! Maybe that was my problem too....
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 4, 2002
      --- In pcgen@y..., "merton_monk" <merton_monk@y...> wrote:
      > --- In pcgen@y..., "Barak" <barak@v...> wrote:
      > > Is there any checking in PCGen to see if the same file is being
      > loaded twice?
      > Good point. I'm sure that wouldn't have been a problem a while ago
      > because PCGen wouldn't let you load something by the same name more
      > than once. Then I changed it so you could break up the definition
      > a class over multiple lines, so that truism was destroyed. It is
      > possible that loading a file more than once could cause this
      problem -
      > easy enough to fix that loop-hole.
      > -Bryan

      Great! Maybe that was my problem too....
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