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Re: Stats question

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  • merton_monk
    ... compliance. ... Just to expand on this... Wotc has said that rolling a high stat results in a success because high stats are always desirable (you get
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 4, 2002
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      --- In pcgen@y..., Anestis Kozakis <kenosti@l...> wrote:
      > >In a message dated 11/3/2002 8:11:57 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      > >barak@v... writes:
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      > >> Per the ruling of WoTC, that functionality had to go for D20
      > >
      > >Yea, but why? What is the reasoning about it?
      > Because WotC told us to, as rolling stats is interactive (according
      > to WotC), and an interactive program can't be OGL/d20 compliant.

      Just to expand on this... Wotc has said that rolling a 'high' stat
      results in a 'success' because high stats are always desirable (you
      get a better modifier which translates into a higher chance of
      succeeding at everything). That's a broad brush to paint success
      with, but they're probably just being very restrictive now since
      there haven't been many D20 compliant apps for them to see how this
      works. I'm not aware of any other D20 compliant software apps...
      hopefully they'll be willing to lessen this restriction in time. You
      can roll your own stats (either use actual dice or use one of the
      billions of die rollers on the net) until then, so it's a nuisance,
      but a relatively minor one.


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