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Re: [pcgen] well, well, well

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  • Bryan McRoberts
    I don t think it s your fault that your changes haven t worked - it s due to bugs. So who does that make look stupid? ;) It is hard to add the spell for a
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2000
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      I don't think it's your fault that your changes haven't worked - it's
      due to bugs. So
      who does that make look stupid? ;)
      It is hard to add the spell for a domain if the details of the spell
      haven't been released.
      So we'll only be able to add the spell for that domain after it's been
      added to the
      spell.lst file. Same goes for Skills or Feats that domains grant their
      I have some ideas on how to incorporate monsters into PCGen, but it
      needs more
      thought. I'd be interested to see what you and your programmer friend
      come up
      with and I don't have a problem detailing my pcg file if it would help
      you out.
      However I've got a lot to do and documenting that would be fairly low
      I haven't taken any pains to encrypt the pcg file, so you can probably
      figure out
      the format just by creating different characters and seeing what gets
      saved where.
      Displaying the flatfooted AC is also a good idea - for the combat tab
      and csheet.
      I will probably add a round and even initiative counter to the combat
      tab so DMs
      can easily remember where they were in the initiative order - the fewer
      I have to track on paper as a DM the better! Thanks for your suggestions, as


      Robert Hilson wrote:

      > looks like i stirred up a hormets nest. well i have no trouble putting it in,
      > as you couldent tell, i have trouble doing it and looking stupid cause it
      > doesnt work. the fr dieties i just have to do the demihuman ones (not sure
      > about doing like the muhorondi ones, and other similar) i found though that if
      > the god dosent have a description that it wont show up most are my memory. one
      > note on the diety list there are some that the spell levels are not there cause
      > the spell has not been converted/released yet. 2 in craft, and severa in moon
      > for example are not avail. also some like scalykind are general control ans
      > should only wourk against approiate, in this example it would be snakes and
      > reptiles. some like elemental ones for only the approitae (earth for dwarves
      > and gnomes).
      > one word about my program (ok the one im haveing a friend do) the combat
      > tracker. the monster program mentioned earlier is java, and our pcgen is java,
      > i intend to make a easy fast tracker that reads pcg (with bryan's
      > help/approval) and loads the monsters. then the main screen with important
      > stats and you can with, drag and drop,modify things like hp, and do a round
      > counter and some lines for example bless 4 rounds the counter keeps track of
      > when it expires, and tick marks on the side showing whos gone. i will post and
      > igve this freely and maby between the 3 of us we can make it a suite. two
      > final notes.
      > for bryan, would it be possipable to list beside the ac the flatfoot ac? i
      > dont know the format and my programmer may be able to find it from the pcg
      > file.
      > 2 also for bryan the rpga has a online gen for chars, nt exaztly where but it
      > is point buy. maby the behind the sceens of it would help?
      > i belive bryan is doing a awsome job and if he gets it done its going to be a
      > rocking product.
      > p.s. welcom arcady, another mind and pair of eyes to find things is usefull.
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